RHA Introduces Bluetooth 5 TrueConnect True Wireless Earbuds

October 4 2018, 02:00
Scottish headphone brand RHA has confirmed the launch of its first true wireless earbuds, the TrueConnect. Engineered for high quality sound and call quality with 25-hour battery life (5+20) and IPX5 rating, the new RHA TrueConnect earbuds are designed to deliver wireless audio all day, whatever the weather. With an ergonomic stem design, the RHA earbuds are truly unique, leveraging the combination of the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, a dynamic driver and USB-C charging.

RHA is one of those focused brands that gradually has been grabbing a respectful share of the global headphone market with a well-managed catalog of high-quality products, combining a solid design with just the right choice of features for each of its targeted segments. From the most affordable classic wired earbuds to some upscale designs targeting the more demanding enthusiasts, RHA has been delivering on its promise of quality and reliability, including with its more recent wireless products, where it offers virtually a model for all usage profiles and price segments. Missing on RHA catalog was only the extremely difficult and competitive category of true wireless stereo earbuds, where Apple continues to grab the lion share of the market and profits, while many of the bigger brands are all catching up in terms of technology and features.

Now, with the announcement of its TrueConnect true wireless earbuds RHA shows it had a clear and sensible plan. The product was engineered for superior connectivity with an updated Bluetooth 5 platform, it uses a proven 6mm dynamic driver that matches quality expectations while keeping the price on the competitive range, and most important of all, adopts a completely original design - in a small device, not easy to achieve - transforming the best ideas from the leaders in the category, while not copying anyone.

The design is subtle and optimized to fit securely, providing a natural noise isolating fit. The stem of the RHA TrueConnect has an in-built antenna which uses a powerful Bluetooth 5 connection to provide superior audio. The stem also crucially places the microphone closer to the user’s mouth, producing clear and detailed call quality. Shaped with user experience in mind, the subtle earpieces maintain a low-profile in the ear. And easy-to-use in-built button controls on the side of the TrueConnect’s earpieces provide freedom from devices and a more immersive listening experience.

More important for this category, the earpieces boast a five-hour battery life, with another four charges of five hours in the understated but robust case. A straightforward light display makes battery level instantly apparent. The unique design can be opened with one hand, ergonomically designed to create an effortless user experience. Thanks to the USB-C implementation, full charging is complete in one hour and forty minutes and fast charging delivers 50% battery life in fifteen minutes.

“We believe we have come up with the most sophisticated true wireless earphones on the market; delivering great battery life, an intuitive user interface and an elegant, single-handed opening mechanism. The metal finish was something we wanted, to ensure it was immediately recognizable as an RHA product,” states Kyle Hutchison, Head of Product Design, RHA.

While clearly going for the keep-it-simple approach, RHA didn't introduce any technology in the TrueConnect earbuds that it didn't need. The earbuds allow universal integration with digital assistants, just like any other Bluetooth connected device, simply complementing the features already supported by the smartphone the user has in the pocket. The TrueConnect seems to be designed as "an extension of the “smart” world" (RHA's words) creating a vast range of possibilities and allowing users to perform multiple tasks on-the-go as well as controlling their music, calls and digital assistant functions.

In the best RHA tradition, the earbuds are nicely packaged with the charging case, ear tip holder, USB-C charging cable, a set of dual density silicone ear tips and a set of true wireless Comply foam tips. With just 13g, the TrueConnect earbuds are extremely light, considering the battery will last for five hours of music listening. Unfortunately, the only area where the design falls-short against its main competitor is in the Bluetooth wireless range, limited to 10m - the area where the Class 1 design of the AirPods is unmatched.

Built to RHA’s exacting standards with an IPX5 rating and three-year guarantee, the TrueConnect wireless earbuds are available for pre-order online from $169.95 and will be available for sale October 18, 2018.
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