Radial Engineering Now Shipping KL-8 Rackmount Keyboard Mixer

January 24 2019, 00:45
Radial Engineering announced that the KL-8, a rackmount professional keyboard mixer and digital interface, is now shipping. The KL-8 is a rackmount device designed to provide complete control over a professional keyboard setup, both on-stage and in the recording studio. The keyboard mixing station provides four stereo analog inputs for keyboards with redundant USB connections for laptop soft-synths, offering Stereo Aux Send/Receive with optional footswitch control to incorporate rackmount effects or pedals into the signal chain, headphone outputs and cue switches for silent monitoring, and the possibility of linking multiple KL-8s for larger setups.

The new Radial KL-8 is a unique mixing station created with keyboard pros in mind, including a number of features designed specifically to streamline and enhance any keyboard setup. Users can connect up to four keyboards in mono or stereo, with level controls, aux sends, and signal/clip LED indicators for each. A stereo aux send/receive channel is available to feed rackmount reverbs, delays, and effects pedals, or it can be used as an additional input for a fifth keyboard.

The KL-8 is also a powerful digital interface with high quality 24-bit/192kHz digital audio converters, utilizing MIDI and USB connections that make it easy to control a laptop soft-synth. Redundant USB connections mean that users can have a backup laptop plugged in and ready to go should their primary source fail; this is especially helpful for keyboard players who are also controlling playback for backing tracks during their performance. An optional JR1-L remote footswitch can be employed to switch between the USB inputs at a moment’s notice.

The output section includes two sets of transformer-isolated outputs to feed the PA system and a pair of powered monitors, with individual level controls and mono sum switches to accommodate for limited channel availability. Dual 1/4” headphone outputs are also included for local monitoring and testing. A cue system allows any keyboard input to be muted from the overall mix and fed directly to the headphones to silently check patch settings without feeding signal to the audience.

Equally well-suited for a live stage or a professional recording studio, multiple KL-8s can be linked to accommodate even larger keyboard setups. Like all Radial products, the KL-8 is built in Canada and features a transferable 3-year warranty.
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