Eminence Speakers Launches Impulse Response Library

September 17 2020, 00:20
Eminence Speakers launched the digital version of its legendary guitar speakers — Eminence Impulse Response (IR) library — developed in conjunction with the highly respected amplifier profiler and guitarist, Michael Britt. This announcement follows the trend from guitar speaker manufacturers to release official IR files of its own best-selling models to support the growing trend of amplifier profilers and emulators, as well as studio production.

For more than fifty years, Eminence Speakers has specialized in custom engineering and manufacturing loudspeakers for some of the world’s most recognized professional audio and musical instrument brands. During this time, Eminence branded guitar speakers such as Cannabis Rex, The Governor, and Swamp Thang —along with many others — have earned a reputation for delivering the speaker characteristics guitar players seek.

Michael Britt, a distinguished professional musician, spent years chasing the ideal tone. In his quest for perfection, he began to model and profile his collection of speakers and amps. Since then, Britt has become a global expert and one of the leading developers of exceptional sounding IRs. Britt used the same tried and tested modeling process he developed to meticulously create the Eminence Impulse Response library.

To ensure accuracy, Britt used an even sounded, open back, 112 3rd Power cabinet to capture each iconic Eminence guitar speaker’s unique character. With its flat response and reduced resonant frequencies, this cabinet choice minimized the sound it imparted to the speaker to deliver a true representation of the speaker sound. He then precisely profiled each Eminence speaker using seven different industry-standard microphones, with different placements to generate seven different IRs for each speaker. Delivered as 24-bit .wav files in multiple sample rates of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz, each IR offers universal usage to enable achieving anyone's preferred sound. “Profiling speakers is more of an art than an exact science,” states Britt, describing the process he uses.

Available only at Eminence-Digital.com starting at $11.99, Eminence IRs are compatible with most DAWs and amp profilers. Users will be able discover the sonic possibilities with Eminence IRs on stage with an amp profiler, or in the studio and hear why Michael Britt is considered "the Rembrandt of speaker impulse responses."
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