QuietOn Promotes Simple Active Noise Cancelling Earplugs

February 1 2017, 03:00
Reduce noise, sleep better and improve work ergonomics are benefits promoted by QuietOn, a new company based in Oulu, Finland, and one of the companies we have met at the CES 2017 Eureka Park, in Las Vegas. QuietOn earplugs are small and have no wires, combining active noise cancellation and acoustic noise attenuation to reduce low frequency "bass" noises, which are not addressed by normal earplugs.

QuietOn is a technology company, established in Oulu, Finland, in April 2015. The company develops and produces its own electronic earplugs leveraging patented active noise cancellation technology. Following a very successful campaign on crowdfunding website Indiegogo - raising an impressive $1,319,090 USD, or 818% of the campaign target - QuietOn attended CES 2017 and is now exploring direct sales channels and promoting the concept for global distribution.

QuietOn's earplugs are promoted as a reliable wellbeing solution for multiple situations, the answer to ever increasing environmental noise that affects everyday lives, diagnosed as a major cause of hearing loss, insomnia, increased stress levels and other health related problems. To tackle this problem, two former Finnish Nokia engineers developed the world’s smallest active noise cancelling wearable, the QuietOn earplugs.

“The QuietOn project started from the need of saving the air passengers from the weariness of continuous airplane cabin noise. Now the number of QuietOn’s user groups is growing daily as more people are adopting the earplugs,” says Global Sales Director Olli Remes from QuietOn Ltd.

QuietOn has been accepted as a functional sleeping aid by suppressing the noise of a snoring partner or sounds coming through walls in the apartment, hotel room or any other contemporary accommodation. Hospital patients and military personnel have also concluded that QuietOn earplugs work well in creating one’s own personal space in group accommodation.

QuietOn is being utilized also in various working environments, such as open plan offices to ease one’s focus on a task on-hand and in factories to relieve workers from the machinery noise. “Our active noise cancelling earplugs have also proved to be an essential tool in enhancing the work ergonomics. For example dental clinics are interested in the product in saving dentists from the inevitable hearing loss,” Olli Remes says.

QuietOn earplugs utilize active noise cancellation technology as well as passive acoustic attenuation. The earplugs' microphones capture external sound and use speakers to produce phase-shifted sound that cancels out the original sound. “The greatest benefit of active noise cancellation technology is that it reduces the low frequency sounds that ordinary earplugs are not able to address. Our product fits to larger and smaller ears perfectly. We have designed a handy carry on box that also functions as a charger. You can use the earplugs up to 50 hours with one charge,” Remes emphasizes.

The inventors of QuietOn, Matti Nisula and Janne Kyllönen, have a background in Nokia mobile phones and electronics. The idea was to design an active noise cancelling product that was small enough to enable sleeping and that the noise cancellation performance would be even better than market leading headphones. 

"In normal noise cancellation headphones the problem is that they are too big for sleeping with your head on the pillow. Our product is easy to use, it is small, it fits perfectly to users ears and it has no wires. We have had good results with our testing campaign Testlab In the Sky with the Finnish airline company Finnair. And also a huge success with our crowdfunding campaign," says Olli Remes.
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