Qorvo Delivers USB Fast Charger Power Management IC for Powering Mobile Devices in Vehicles

February 5 2020, 00:05
Qorvo introduced a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) that expands the company’s portfolio of products for rapid in-vehicle charging of phones, tablets and laptops. Qorvo’s ACT4751M is an AEC-Q100 qualified step-down, voltage-regulator IC dedicated to USB Type-C Fast Charger applications and meets all power requirements, including the Power Delivery 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (USB PD 3.0 PPS) specification.

“The proliferation of connected car devices with advanced in-cabin infotainment systems demands more power ports at higher power levels. Qorvo’s AEC-Q100 qualified power IC, ACT4751M, is a unique and easy-to-use step-down product that features the smallest size and highest efficiency on the market,” says David Briggs, senior director of Qorvo’s Programmable Power Management business.

The ACT4751M meets all power requirements for USB Fast Charger applications, including the Power Delivery 3.0 Programmable Power Supply (USB PD 3.0 PPS) specification. Unlike competitive converter products, it integrates both the power and analog functions into a single power IC. This approach creates a complete USB Fast Charger solution when combined with a power delivery controller, reducing development time and BOM cost.

The self-contained, step-down ACT4751M operates up to 40V and has protection features that withstand up to 48V of load-dump events in demanding automotive environments. A step-down charger provides protection between the power source and the device to mediate differences in the voltage source and the battery being charged. These chargers have become increasingly popular as more applications adopt USB Type-C ports because they are universal and capable of delivering high power.
ACT4751M-101-REF04 Certified USB Charger 80W Reference Design board using the automotive AEC-Q100 device ACT4751M and a PD controller from Cypress (CCG3PA).

In addition to its AEC-Q100 qualification, the ACT4751M meets the automotive EMI standard CISPR 25 Class 3 with patented DC-DC conversion technologies. 

Qorvo’s automotive power management product family supports faster design certification and offers multiple reference designs certified for USB Fast Chargers and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, Quick Charge 4 and Quick Charge 4+. The ACT4751M is available now for sampling
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