PRV Audio Introduces new Mid Bass and Mid Range Drivers for 2018

August 27 2018, 01:10
PRV Audio announced two new mid frequency drivers optimized for very powerful pro audio applications. The 10MB800FT is a rugged 10" mid bass woofer that combines a remarkable SPL output with low distortion and extended bass response, optimized for compact enclosures and larger 2 or 3 way systems. The 8MR600X focuses on high output mid range performance, with a sensitivity of 98 dB, using a 2" voice coil to ensure high heat dissipation and the necessary motor strength to deliver high sensitivity even on high power with the minimum distortion. 

PRV Audio, was founded in 2006 by a Brazilian group of executives and engineers and entered the market with a compact line of pro audio and automotive transducers fully dedicated to the Brazilian market. PRV Audio has quickly grown to become one of the most innovative manufacturers in the segment, gradually expanding also its global OEM business. In 2009, PRV Audio opened its own subsidiary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, to better serve the growing international demand, and PRV is currently present in more than 64 countries worldwide. 

In early 2018, Executive Director Daniel Costa became the majority shareholder of PRV Audio Group, transferring the company headquarters from Sao Leopoldo, Rio Grande do Sul, BR to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. PRV Audio in Florida now serves as PRV Audio Headquarters, managing R&D departments in Brazil and production facilities in different parts of the world. An expanded energetic and passionate US-based team is now dedicated to the worldwide sales, distribution, and marketing of PRV AUDIO products for every lifestyle.

Senior Chief Engineer Acir Ozelame is responsible for the development of new technologies and continuous innovation of the PRV Audio Line of products, based out of Brazil. His R&D team is closely overseeing PRV Audio’s manufacturing facilities in Brazil, China and Italy, and continues to bring to market an expanded catalog of quality products for different applications.

A recent example of the company impressive turn-out is the now released 10MB800FT woofer, a rugged 10″ mid bass driver combining punch and clarity at remarkable SPL output with low distortion and an extended bass response. Optimized for use in compact enclosures, this mid bass speaker responds from 650 Hz to 1500 Hz, with an useful response up to 6,500 Hz, making it a great choice for larger 2 and 3 way systems, where extremely high output is required.

With a ferrite magnet in a die cast aluminum frame with a total depth of 4.09" (104 mm), the 10MB800FT features a voice coil diameter of 2.5" with a glass fiber former and is able to achieve 5.00 mm Xmax. The 10MB800FT 10" mid bass speaker is rated for 400 watts with a nominal impedance of 8Ω, achieving 800 watts of program power, with a sensitivity of 99dB (1W/1m). Resonance Frequency (Fs) is specified at 64.72 Hz, and the lowest frequency response is 65Hz at -10 dB, with the recommended high pass crossover frequency at 120 Hz (12 dB/Octave).

Also focusing on the mid range but moving slightly upper, the 8MR600X 8" woofer also uses a ferrite magnet combined with a die cast aluminum frame, which has a 3.68" (95.5 mm) total depth and weighs 7 pounds. Rated to handle 300 watts at 8Ω and achieving 600 watts of program power, this mid range unit has an extreme performance in the frequency range from 85 to 8,500 Hz (-10 dB) with a sensitivity of 98 dB. Resonance frequency (Fs) is 76.9 Hz and recommended crossover is at 160 Hz (12 dB/Octave).

The 8MR600X's 2" voice coil with a polyamide former ensures high heat dissipation and the necessary motor strength to deliver high sensitivity even on high power with the minimum distortion. A Qts of 0.37 and an unique double roll dimple suspension design allows for a flat response from 200Hz to 2500Hz, even at high excursion, controlling well its natural paper cone at its 5.25 mm Xmax. A perfect mid range for filling in the important mid range response in any high output sound system.
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