Bold North Audio Releases Two High Excursion 6.5" Woofers Employing XBL2 Technology

November 18 2020, 01:10
Expanding its line of premium and performance-based drivers, designed and manufactured under the Bold North Audio brand, MISCO announced the introduction of the BWX-6501 & BWX-6502, two high performance 6.5" high excursion woofers with an XBL2 motor design and 10 mm linear Xmax. These new models add to a growing line of premium and performance-based drivers, all designed and manufactured in MISCO’s own facility in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Following the introduction by MISCO of the high performance BDT-2901 soft dome tweeter, the American audio solutions manufacturer is now ready to unveil more products to its Bold North Audio line. Creating a cohesive line of complementary divers meeting today's market needs, the two new Bold North Audio woofers, BWX-6501 and BWX-6502, explore the XBL2 motor design, licensed from inventor Dan Wiggins, where the light weight, copper-clad aluminum voice coil travels in a double magnetic gap, centered within inner and outer inductance modulating elements to reduce inductance. By using a high energy neodymium ring magnet, a high BL is maintained while the magnet structure size and weight is minimized.

The BWX-6501 (P/N 82109) and the BWX-6502 (P/N 82141) are fully Klippel verified using state of the art Klippel Laser Scanning Vibrometry and QC testing equipment, with their design optimized by Klippel’s Near Field Scanner. Dual inside-outside copper shorting rings in the motor greatly reduce distortion in both models. This is an ultra-low distortion woofer design, allowing for a wide range of crossover points, where the BWX-6502 model responds from 40Hz to 1kHz, and the BWX-6501 offers a 40Hz to 4kHz frequency response for midbass applications.

The BWX-6501 woofer (image above) employs a highly damped abaca fiber cone with a rubber edge, as well as an aluminum phase plug to further reduce acoustic-wave energy interference – a design compatible with the new Bold North Audio 29mm dome tweeter, the BDT-2901. The BWX-6502 woofer (shown below) uses the same cone material with a highly damped, oversized rubber edge, and a right-sized dust cap ideal for very compact subwoofer enclosures.

These two woofers were designed in response to customer requests for small, high excursion woofers, with both excellent reliability and repeatable quality and one that would be produced in the USA to avoid issues with tariffs and ongoing trade disputes.

"While the marketplace has no shortage of 6.5" woofers, there are few that have the linear Xmax and total displacement capability of these woofers," says MISCO CEO Dan Digre. "Since most global woofer production today is being done in Asia, more customers ask us to design and manufacture high-end home and studio monitor woofers here in the US. Globally, US driver manufacturing is held in high regard. We expect this woofer, along with all of the Bold North Audio speakers, to do well internationally."

The BWX-6501 and the BWX-6502 are offered on MISCO’s website, with international distribution available outside the USA. These woofers are part of the new and growing brand of ultra-premium component loudspeakers, Bold North Audio. The new brand intends to offer a complete catalog of high-performance products, rooted in fundamental scientific research, careful material selection, precision manufacturing, and most of all, love of music. Products under development include ultra-premium quality woofers, midrange, and tweeters. Target application markets include pro audio, recording studios, branded high-end HiFi speaker system manufacturers, and advanced DIY hobbyists.
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