Powersoft Establishes New Benchmark for Professional Audio Applications with New T Series Networkable Amplifiers

January 28 2019, 00:35
On the first day of the NAMM Show 2019, Powersoft announced the release of its new T Series line, an ultra-reliable and efficient amplifier platform designed with the rental market in mind, and four models all available now. The new platform, officially unveiled during a NAMM 2019 press conference, builds upon the credits of the flagship X Series, but it represents much more for the Italian company. The T Series effectively combines unparalleled flexibility for small to mid-size reinforcement applications and benefits from an intense R&D effort.

With the market for professional audio amplifiers contracting with the disappearance of several leading brands in the last three years, Powersoft reinforced its market leadership with lightweight, high power, energy efficient amplifiers for the touring, live sound and installation markets. Founded in Italy in 1995, headquartered in Florence, Italy, and with offices in Kearny Point, NJ, Powersoft couples the experience and precision of its production department with an expanded R&D team that includes the highly experienced Klas Dalbjorn, a former Lab Gruppen and Lake product research manager, appointed Product Manager in January 2017.

“The T Series is Powersoft's solution for rental companies with small to medium-size sound systems, and it features next generation processing and networking capabilities, but at lower price point. It is also perfect for small touring bands, DJs and a range of other applications. We’re setting a new benchmark for the type of reliability and audio performance you can expect from a product at this price level," says Klas Dalbjörn.
The T Series consists of both 2- and 4-channel models available in 3,000 W and 6,000 W versions supporting channel powers from 750 W to 3,000 W in a single rack unit. All models can deliver the same high peak voltage and can drive single 8/16 ohm cabinets at full SPL, making the T Series a cost-effective solution for small systems without boxes in parallel. The high voltage can also be used for power sharing between channels for applications such as bi-amped loudspeakers or subwoofers with passive tops.

In addition to analog inputs, the T Series also includes AES3 and Dante inputs, which are optimized for daisy-chained distribution of 2-channel audio to multiple amplifiers with no need for external switches or splitters. Each model features group controllable advanced EQ to let users equalize multiple amplifiers in a chain, as well as a robust preset library with FIR processing.

The T Series offers remote control and advanced signal processing abilities via Powersoft's ArmoníaPlus System Manager as well as onboard DSP. Each amplifier platform in the T Series is fully operable from the front panel display, ensuring ease of set up and control. The display includes features like preset recall, gain, delay and mute, plus it also shows available headroom, as well as other status monitoring.

In addition, the T Series lets users configure presets, so that — if, for example, a T Series amplifier platform is included in a rental package — the user can limit the amplifier platform’s functionality to ensure reliable and safe performance prior to renting out the amplifier platform.

“We spent a lot of time working on a display with a navigation that's very easy to understand and to configure," Dalbjörn said. "We have included context sensitive buttons with back lighting that lights up only when the button is functional, which makes it really easy for end-users to control the system using the front panel.

“Our decision to include the option for daisy-chained Dante networking on the T Series was based on customer feedback," Dalbjörn continued. "The T Series is really a game changer, I think, in terms of reliable performance, usability and audio quality. We're raising the bar on what you can expect in a small to medium-size rental system."
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