Point Source Audio Receives Fourth Patent with Dual Element Lavalier Microphone

November 6 2019, 00:30
Point Source Audio, an audio equipment manufacturer from Petaluma, CA, specializing in the development of miniature microphones and headsets, has received U.S. Patent No. D850,422 for the CO2-8WL, part of the company’’s CO2 Confidence™ microphone series. This design is the world’’s first fully redundant microphone in a wearable housing, providing an all-in-one solution for critical live sound and broadcast applications that require back-up miking.

To ensure live wireless microphone backup in cases of frequency cross-talk, low battery packs, or connector or element damage, audio engineers and sound technicians regularly wire voice talent with two separate microphones and signal paths. This can be —a complex, time-consuming workflow that can also lead to inconsistent sound quality and cable clutter, while weighing the wearer down with cumbersome hardware.
With the CO2-8WL, production professionals can mike up talent in half the time and count on stable, consistent audio performance in live, broadcast or streaming scenarios, thanks to the built-in dual element microphone with perfectly matched frequency and sensitivity elements. Both miniature microphone elements are water, makeup and sweat proof—making them ideal for use under hot stage lights and in outdoor productions.

The patent, which covers dual-element microphone design in a wearable housing, is the fourth issued to Point Source Audio in just three years; the company also holds a patent for its CM-i3/CM-i5 modular, lightweight in-ear headsets and two patents for its EMBRACE™ Earmount microphones, which allows head-worn microphones to be easily concealed on the wearer.
CO2-8WL lavalier embodies two mics at one-half the footprint.

“These patents reinforce Point Source Audio’s position as a leading innovator of wearable miniature microphone technology and reflect the company’’s culture of innovation that aims to elevate the user experience while solving real-world problems,” says Point Source Audio President, James Lamb.

“Exceptional sound quality is our baseline”. “But it’’s not just about the audio superiority of a product; we take a hard look at the ways people are using audio tools in their jobs and develop products in response to those real-world challenges. We always focus on the usability of a product, whether that’’s the microphone, the housing or an accessory. Products like the CO2-8WL make the process of redundant miking fast and seamless, so sound engineers can focus less on technology and more on getting their job done,” he adds.
It’s this philosophy that led Point Source Audio to develop groundbreaking audio tools as the SERIES8™ line of waterproof miniature microphones, EMBRACE concealed earmounts, and the interactive Mic Finder tool, which takes the guesswork out of selecting the right microphone for specific applications.

Point Source Audio products are currently in use on Broadway and the West End on high profile theatre productions including “Hamilton” or “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and among other prestigious venues including the San Francisco Opera, Lincoln Center, and Berklee College of Music.
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