Point Source Audio Now Shipping New Microphones with Built-–in Backup

August 22 2017, 03:00
Point Source Audio (PSA), an innovator in miniature microphone technology, has announced it is now shipping the groundbreaking dual element microphones with built-in backup. The CO2-8WL Dual Lavalier Microphone and the EO-8WR Dual Earmount Microphone are patent pending and the world’s first fully redundant microphones with dual factory-matched elements bringing an elegant, small footprint solution to the common need for redundant sound sources.

A world's first for broadcast and production teams, Point Source Audio is now offering its new All-in-One Microphone Line with built-in redundant capsules. The redundant microphones are offered as the CO2-8WL standalone lavalier, left, or as the EO-8WR earmount that is part of the Embrace family. Now, audio professionals no longer need to wire and manage two separate microphones and cables to ensure talent backup and redundancy, a common workflow step that can lead to mismatched audio quality and cable clutter.

Showcased in April at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas, the CO2-8WL lavalier garnered immediate buzz and critical acclaim. The company has been fielding demand for the new product since its unveiling and has sped up production in order to fulfill customer orders. The redundant microphones’ unassuming size and styling belie the significant impact it brings to the world of broadcast and live performance audio:  all-in-one, single source microphones with built-in back up functionality.

“The dual mic concept made a lot of sense to us and our development team; and it was validated by many broadcast customers we met with during NAB,” says James Lamb, president of Point Source Audio. “Beyond honing the audio precision of our products, it is also our goal to solve everyday problems with our designs. The all-in-one mics are an elegant solution for broadcasters, live event professionals, and any application where immediate redundancy is needed.”

The dual microphones incorporate perfectly matched frequency and sensitivity elements in a single housing to ensure consistent audio quality from either source. Two separate wire paths and discrete continuous connectors with no solder points help eliminate the possibility of interference while simplifying cable management. Highlighting the flexibility the unique design brings, the second output can be used either as a backup, or for a broadcast or monitor split.

With an MSRP of $825 for the CO2-8WL Dual Lavalier, and $926 for the EO-8WR Dual Earmount, the versatile mics have omnidirectional pickup patterns, and offer 136 dB max SPL and IP 57 waterproof rating. The dual matched elements lead to hardwired terminations for use with Shure, Sennheiser and Lectrosonics wireless transmitters. Available in beige, brown or black, the CO2-8WL and EO-8WR also accept theatrical color markings for camouflaging.

The 6-foot mic cable splits approximately nine inches above connection to the body-pack to allow ample separation between the two transmitters. A proprietary slim line Slider clip, traditional alligator clip, and a color-matched windscreen come standard.
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