Pandora Expands Support for Pandora Premium and Alexa Voice Commands on Sonos

November 15 2017, 04:00
Pandora streaming music provider, and Sonos, launched new ways for listeners to control their music on Sonos within Pandora’s mobile app. Listeners in the U.S. can now control Sonos directly through the Pandora mobile app and command Pandora stations with voice commands via Alexa. The new experience also includes support for Premium, Pandora’s on-demand service launched earlier this year.

“Pandora listeners love the in-home music experience we’ve created with Sonos, having logged over 250 million hours this year alone,” says Chris Phillips, Chief Product Officer, Pandora. “We have made it easier than ever to control your home audio listening experience by adding beautifully designed features inside the Pandora app to control your Sonos.”

“Sonos owners have enjoyed their favorite Pandora stations in any room since the service joined the Sonos platform back in 2007,” says Allen Mask, VP of Partnerships at Sonos. “It is now easier for listeners to access and control all of their music from Pandora, whether it’s from the Sonos app, with voice, and now from within the Pandora app – all working together seamlessly.”

With Pandora’s intuitive and easy-to-navigate mobile app, users in the United States are able to control all of their in-home music, select and play music, group and ungroup speakers, move music from room to room, adjust volume, and create the perfect mood for any occasion. Those functions work with with all tiers of service: Pandora, Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium. Pandora Premium users can also access on-demand features like search and play any song, album or playlist. Users can also ask Alexa to play favorite Pandora stations on their Sonos device with voice-control commands, and share control with friends who can DJ the Sonos system through their Pandora app.

Pandora and Sonos have partnered since 2007 to bring listeners the ultimate home music solution. More than 50% of Sonos owners across in the United States use Pandora throughout their home. Pandora is currently available on over 2,000 connected devices and streaming platforms including Fitbit, Roku, Google Home, Amazon Echo and Xbox. Pandora has launched in over 200 vehicle models including GM and Honda, making it the most ubiquitous music streaming platform on the market today.

Founded in 2002, as a tech startup populated with nerdy engineers and brilliant designers who love music, Sonos has grown into a global music brand dedicated to transforming the experience of listening out loud to music in the home. Sonos is now in more than 60 countries, with dozens of streaming music providers, through thousands of retailers, and in millions of homes. With a constant investment in software and services, Sonos is improving the experience its users have with music in the home. Sonos listeners can try Pandora Premium with a free 60-day trial by visiting |
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