Onkyo and Pioneer Electronics Announce Firmware Updates Activating DTS Play-Fi

August 3 2017, 04:00
Onkyo and Pioneer Corporation (USA) have announced firmware updates to activate DTS Play-Fi wireless multi-room audio. Products supported include the Onkyo SBT-A500 Network Surround Soundbar System and Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Network Speaker, as well as Pioneer's MRX-3 Wireless Speaker and FS-EB70 Elite Network Soundbar System. An update for other selected 2017-model Pioneer/Elite products, as well as 2016-model components is due end of September 2017.

The firmware updates activating DTS Play-Fi wireless multi-room audio is now available for the Onkyo SBT-A500 Network Surround Soundbar System, Onkyo NCP-302 Wireless Network Speaker, Pioneer MRX-3 Wireless Speaker and Pioneer FS-EB70 Elite Network Soundbar System. Firmware updates for network-enabled 2017-model Onkyo and Pioneer/Elite A/V receivers, home entertainment systems, and hi-fi components, are due by end of September. Firmware updates for Onkyo's PR-RZ5100 Network A/V Controller, TX-RZ1100, and TX-RZ3100 Network A/V Receiver, as well as three Pioneer Elite Class D3 network AV receivers — the SC-LX901, SC-LX801, and SC-LX701 — will also be available end of September.

The Onkyo Music Control and Pioneer Music Control apps with DTS Play-Fi allow listeners to wirelessly stream lossless CD-quality music from a wide variety of smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PCs over Wi-Fi to any number of DTS Play-Fi-compatible speakers, amplifiers, and other products throughout the home. DTS Play-Fi can also locate, display, and stream music stored on media server or selected cloud-based services, as well as music stored on the device.

DTS Play-Fi-enabled products of any brand interoperate seamlessly, with the Onkyo/Pioneer Control app’s intuitive interface providing easy multi-room management with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and some Android devices. The apps also incorporate access to on-demand streaming services including Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Napster, Pandora, SiriusXM, and TIDAL.

Users can easily stream a single source to multiple DTS Play-Fi-/ Play-Fi ready products in every room of their house, without lag or need of a bridging device. Furthermore, the DTS Play-Fi technology makes it possible for everyone at home to simultaneously stream from different devices to different rooms in the house.
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