Noveto Systems to Unveil New Smart Audio Chip-Based Focused Sound Solutions at CES 2020

January 3 2020, 00:25
Noveto Systems took CES 2018 by storm when it demonstrated its technology allowing completely focused audio beams for conferencing, automotive and entertainment zoning applications. Now, the company returns in 2020 to release the first part of its Chipset driving Noveto Smart Audio, the world's first dynamic focused sound solution, enabling to precisely generate sound to the users' ears. With the chip introduction, Noveto will debut some product concepts for Gaming and Entertainment, including a Home System for 3D sound.

In 2018, Noveto Systems impressed visitors to the Las Vegas Convention Center with booth demonstrations of its acoustic beamforming technology to create a personal soundfield, right in the middle of the busy North Hall show floor. The demonstration included making a Skype call in a computer in the middle of a trade-show (as it could be an open office space, or any other busy location), and being able to hear perfectly the other person without using headphones, while a person 20 inches away doesn't hear anything. Another demo was showing an automotive application, where two users could seat side by side in the back seat of a car, both watching a different movie or playing a game in decent volume, without disturbing the driver in the front seat or each other.
Noveto Systems was in the North Hall at CES 2018 - close to other automotive-related exhibits. The photo shows a demonstration in the backseat of a car, and an application on a computer used for videoconference. From the angle we took the photo, we couldn't hear the other person at all. Moving just a few inches we could hear it perfectly.

The presentation at CES 2020 marks another milestone in Noveto's engineering phase with an aim to be mass produced by 2021 either embedded by third parties or as a stand-alone peripheral sound bar. Noveto has partnered up with Foxconn to manufacture its Chipset, driving Noveto Smart Audio Systems, allowing to precisely locate the position of a user's head in space and beam acoustic energy to create tiny sound bubbles next to the ears. When the user moves its head naturally, the sound bubbles will follow the movements.

According to Noveto, the Smart Audio technology could be easily embedded in leading consumer electronics devices be it Personal Voice Assistants like those from Amazon or Google, Smart TVs, monitors and displays, computers, conference call solutions, or any other appliance generating audio to the user.

Noveto is also active in the world of digital signage, developing applications in a market which until now was predominantly silent. Noveto's proprietary Smart Audio algorithms, sophisticated beamforming technic, face detection, tracking capabilities and state of the art DSP engines, can all combine to detect the presence of people within a certain area and beam acoustic energy to their ears only.

Noveto controls the acoustic waves generated from its unique device with the first ever dedicated Chipset, handling numerous audio channels, and enabling the Noveto sound system to create full stereo, surround and 3D sound configurations.

The technology also enables sound to be dynamically steered and focused. Hence, each user in a confined space (be it a living room, conference room, vehicle or any public space) can experience his own audio content without using isolating headphones.

"The successful tape out of our first chip is a vote of confidence in our brilliant R&D team and I thank all of them for their everlasting efforts. I wish to take this opportunity to thank our partners from Foxconn for their friendship, dedication and guidance and I am certain that together we will launch a product that will hit the markets with great innovation and having a huge success," states Daniel Jammer, the Chairman of Noveto.

Noveto System was co-founded by Tomer Shani (CEO) and Noam Babayoff and is headed by Daniel Jammer (Chairman) employing unique talents from the Israeli High-Tech industry.
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