New Programming-Free LCD User Interface for Embedded Applications

March 8 2017, 03:00
How many times audio product designers hesitate to provide a display and graphic user interface on their new solutions, just because they fear the complexity and want to get to market faster? That's precisely why LCDTERM, a subsidiary of Best Circuits, created a solution for a programming-free LCD user interface, which is able to provide a simple connection to embedded systems, and be up and running quickly., from Lake Zurich, Illinois is now promoting its new programming-free LCD User Interface, which allows seamless and code-free integration onto any embedded platform, eliminating the need to write software to control the display. The LCDTERM user interface does not require LCD programming knowledge, and allows users to focus more on desired functionality rather than writing device drivers.

The product’s 3-button keyboard allows developers to implement a full UI without having to worry about reading buttons, de-bouncing, or programming resources on their host embedded system. With product design simplification being the goal, the LCDTERM interface includes all control firmware on-board, utilizes a speedy ARM M0 processor, and comes with a free well documented API. Included common fonts and user-defined bitmaps allow for addition of 64K color displays to any embedded system.

The LCD Term solution provides seamless access and response from the display with a low pin count board that works with any embedded platform needing a User Interface. The board features SPI and UART interfaces and runs on 3.3V, 5V, supplied power. Display sizes begin at 1.77” and are ready to ship immediately in high quantities, with larger sizes 2.8” and 5” also available. Samples are available, and also has the capability to scale for custom sizes and is equipped to enter into OEM arrangements. Free demo kits are available for applications via the website.

Dan Dina, Head of Engineering for the Embedded Business Group of, explains, “The combination of user-definable input buttons with full customization ability to fit any functionality makes LCDTERM uniquely suited to the ever‐changing and challenging demands of Embedded Design. We designed it keeping the engineer’s time and resources in mind. So far, the demand and feedback has been extremely positive”. is a subsidiary of Best Circuits, a company founded in 2001 by former Hewlett Packard Engineers recognizing the industry need for electronic design services, and has employed its core technologies in the areas of embedded controllers, FPGA/ASIC, high-speed PCB and chipset design, motherboards, PCB layout and wireless communication devices- including M2M. In addition to the User Interface, the company offers expertise in analog sensors, LaserJet technologies, LED lighting, x86, power regulation, smartphones, and WiFi, 4G/5G.
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