New IsoAcoustics OREA Bronze Isolators for Lighter Audio Components and Turntables

December 3 2018, 00:35
The OREA Bronze was now added to the OREA series of Isolators from IsoAcoustics, announced the Canadian company. The new OREA Bronze Isolators provide extraordinary levels of isolation for high fidelity audio components and turntables and are now available. In order to create this newest addition to the OREA series, IsoAcoustics had to lower the weight threshold in the series in order to achieve adequate isolation performance with lighter components including amplifiers, DAC's, CD players, small speakers and turntables.

According to IsoAcoustics, the OREA series provides extra levels of isolation which results in greater sound clarity. The weight limits for each of the OREA series models now includes up to 8 lbs per unit for the new OREA Bronze model, adding to 16 lbs per unit weight limit allowed by the OREA Bordeaux, and 32 lbs per unit limit allowed by the OREA Bordeaux isolators. Each Bronze unit will hold up to 8lbs (3.6kg) and has a colored ring on the bottom isolator that denotes the model and weight capacity. The OREA series are packaged individually to allow greater flexibility when determining the number of units to use. The company recommends a minimum of 3 OREA isolators under each component, depending on the weight.
The choice of isolators should be made primarily based on the weight of the component that they are supporting. The weight limits are illustrated in the graph and are determined based on the performance curves. The products are able to support additional weight without harm, but the isolation performance is beginning to decline above the specified weights.

The new OREA Bronze isolators are extremely sensitive and are able to eliminate parasitic vibrations, and provide greater sound clarity and focus with audio components, particularly effective with turntables. Made of machined stainless steel, the Bronze also have a low-profile design to minimize any increase in height.

The upper flange of the OREA’s are designed to provide a suction cup like effect and adhere to the underside of the component, while the lower flange adheres to the supporting surface. All the energy is managed within the core of the OREA’s, which are tuned to work within the specific weight ranges.

The existing feet on an audio component, such as turntables, may connect well and fit nicely around the perimeter of the Bronze isolators, the company also explains. Alternatively, users may get better performance by either removing the original feet entirely or placing the Bronze around the existing feet to have them connect directly to the chassis or base of the component.
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