New DSi 2.0 Series Cinema Amplifiers by JBL Professional

December 10 2019, 00:35
JBL Professional announced new JBL DSi 2.0 Series cinema amplifiers, which offer class-leading power output, state-of-the-art DSP and advanced networking capabilities for the entire range of JBL cinema loudspeakers. These are the first ever JBL branded cinema amplifiers, and build on the legacy of Crown DSi Series amplifiers, combining the DSP features of Crown’s CDi DriveCore Series amps with a new high-power design, which the Northridge company says delivers superior efficiency, reliability and audio fidelity.

The new JBL DSi 2.0 Series includes three power configurations, available in analog and analog-plus-digital versions with Dante/AES67 and SNMP connectivity. The amplifiers provide four channels of amplification with bridgeable outputs in a compact 2RU footprint, and are efficiently PowerMatched for JBL Cinema loudspeakers to deliver greater power density in the same rack space. In total, the series consists of six amplifier models, ideal for cinemas, theaters and premium large-format rooms. The LA4 and LA4-D models deliver 1,200 Watts at 8 Ohms, the MA4 and MA4-D deliver 700 Watts at 8 Ohms, and the SA4 and SA4-D deliver 350 Watts at 8 Ohms.

“As cinema audio systems continue to grow larger and more complex with 5.1, 7.1 and immersive audio formats, venue owners require more efficient ways of powering, controlling and managing networked audio systems,” says Karam Kaul, Vice President of Audio, Harman Professional Solutions. “The JBL DSi 2.0 Series combines cutting-edge technology from Crown DSi and CDi Series amps with a new high-output design for superior sound quality. Cinema managers and integrators looking to maximize their power investment and future-proof their systems can count on the DSi 2.0 Series to deliver robust, reliable performance in a compact and cost-efficient package.”

DSi 2.0 Series amps can power up to four JBL surround speakers with a single channel in high-power-density 2Ω mode, which both speeds deployment and makes DSi 2.0 a cost-efficient solution since less amps are required to power a cinema audio system. "Crown’s proprietary DriveCore technology eliminates hundreds of components within each DSi Series amplifier, reducing the variability of component values to deliver greater efficiency, reliability and performance," Harman highlights.

Featuring 32-bit/96 kHz floating-point DSP, the new JBL amplifiers offer an array of signal processors, including parametric EQ, FIR processing, LevelMAX limiting and more. Built-in presets for JBL cinema speaker tunings manage voltage levels, crossover settings and more, maximizing system efficiency and optimizing audio fidelity. 

Analog-plus-digital DSi 2.0 Series amplifiers offer AES67 connectivity, which enables networked audio distribution from any AES67 or Dante-compatible device and direct interfacing with Dolby Atmos Connect without the need for additional processing hardware, further simplifying system configuration while also presenting significant cost efficiencies.

Dual network audio ports allow for primary and secondary networks configured as switched (daisy chain) or redundant (star) topologies. Analog-plus-digital DSi 2.0 Series amps also feature SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) connectivity for interfacing with third-party theater-management systems and Cinema Control (NOC) systems for remote status and fault monitoring. A legacy HiQnet port provides access to Harman's own Audio Architect software, for controlling, configuring and monitoring amplifier operation through a standard TCP/IQ network.

The JBL DSi 2.0 LA4-D ($3,749), LA4 ($3,399), MA4-D ($3,349), MA4 ($2,999), SA4-D ($2,349) and SA4 ($1,999) are available now.
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