New 3D Sound One Module Provides Immersive Audio for Headphones

June 3 2016, 04:00
French company 3D Sound Labs announced that its 3D smart audio technology is now available for all headphones thanks to the new 3D Sound One Module. 3D Sound Labs is a pioneer startup in 3D sound and its new 3D Sound One Module is the first accessory that can be simply fixed to any headphone to allow immersive 3D audio experiences. The connected module connects via Bluetooth to a smartphone running the iOPS 3D Sound Labs app or a PC with the Windows 3D Sound Labs driver.

Initially developed for the company’s own smart 3D audio headphone, 3D Sound One, the technology has been integrated in a small connected module, the 3D Sound One Module, thus allowing to transform the sound of all headphones in 3D immersive sound. The 3D Sound One Module features motion sensors required to realistically deliver a multipoint sound experience, similar to last generation cinema halls and home cinema equipment. 

The app or the Windows driver, in combination with the 3D Sound One Module, are able to virtualize several acoustic sources in space, emulating the multichannel sound of a movie, which the user perceives as multiple sources of sounds, as with real electro-acoustical immersive installations. The head tracking sensors are able to read the slightest motion to render a precisely localized three-dimensional sound.

The French company believes this will be a convincing experience as an alternative to immersive sound home cinema installations, which are expensive, cumbersome and always limited to a single room. According to 3D Sound Labs, its 3D Sound One Module provides a realistic experience with movies or games with immersive sound, allowing users using headphones with freedom of movement and the flexibility to enjoy entertainment content anywhere. The company also believes its 3D Sound One Module will enhance music listening experiences by providing spatial sound through headphones - a more natural and less tiring experience.

For gaming, the motion sensors are able to take the player even further, providing a more realistic game experience with precise sound localization. The company’s audio driver for Windows is compatible with any games and applications that generate multichannel sound. The audio sources remain perfectly localized, providing a clear acoustic representation of the virtual environment, which is an undeniable competitive advantage.
The module developed by 3D Sound Labs includes 9 axis motion sensors, Bluetooth Smart connectivity, and a rechargeable battery for up to 18 hours, using a micro-USB connector for charging. The module adds only 13 grams of extra weight to any headphone.

The company is selling the 3D Sound One Module directly on its website for 99 Euros. The app can be downloaded for free from the App Store for all iOS devices, and the Windows (8.1 and 10 compatible) driver can be downloaded on also for free. 3D Sound Labs is licensing the technology and provides an SDK for anyone interested in developing their own apps.

3D Sound Labs was founded in January 2014 by entrepreneur Dimitri Singer, consumer electronics specialist Xavier Bonjour and Centrale-Supelec research engineer Renaud Séguier, developing 3D Audio software technologies as well as motion tracking hardware modules.
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