Creative Launches Super X-Fi AIR Series Headphones at CES 2019

January 3 2019, 00:55
Creative Technology announced the worldwide launch of the Super X-Fi headphone holography technology at CES 2019, hailed as "an industry game-changer that will change the way one listens to headphones forever." According to Creative, Super X-Fi recreates the soundstage of a multi-speaker surround system in a pair of headphones, and personalizes it by scanning the user's head and ears, so that the custom-fit audio experience becomes natural like never before. The technology was previewed in prototype at CES 2018 and will now be launched in two SXFI AIR headphone models, one wireless and one USB-powered.

Since the first public presentations of Super X-Fi processing, Creative introduced it in the SXFI AMP, the first commercial product which enables the "headphone holography" technology into a compact dongle for headphones. The SXFI AMP offers a solution for users who prefer to use their own headphones to enjoy Super X-Fi.

Following up on the expansion of the product range, Creative now announced its SXFI AIR series, the world's first headphones to incorporate the Super X-Fi UltraDSP chip. The SXFI AIR is a Bluetooth 4.2 and USB-C headphone with Super X-Fi and other innovative features. The SXFI AIR C is an entry-level USB headphone with Super X-Fi, aimed at the gaming market. The two designs offer compatibility options for Android and iOS devices, and for gaming platforms including PS4, Nintendo Switch, Mac and PC.

"Super X-Fi is the latest manifestation of Creative's ethos to create the ultimate audio experience for our users; I consider it no lesser than an audio revolution. With just a pair of headphones powered by Super X-Fi, one can now watch movies as if at the cinema, listen to music as if at a live concert, and play games feeling like being in the game environment itself. Listening to headphones will never be the same again,” says Sim Wong Hoo, CEO of Creative Technology.

The two Creative SXFI AIR series headphones featuring built-in Super X-Fi technology target movies, music and gaming experiences. Users simply need to press the SXFI processing button to activate a full cinematic binaural reproduction. According to Creative, even when listening to musical tracks, the SXFI AIR headphones will generate an immersive experience, akin to attending a live concert performance - what the company calls "real-life holographic audio experience."

On top of the Super X-Fi technology at the heart of the SXFI AIR series, the headphones also stand out with its 50mm neodymium drivers that are tuned to deliver audio that is powerful while maintaining extreme accuracy. The SXFI AIR features mesh fabric earcups with built-in memory foam pads that conform to the user's head, and are highly breathable as fabric dissipates heat more easily.

The SXFI AIR wireless model connects seamlessly via Bluetooth and USB to numerous platforms, ranging from iOS and Android mobile devices to PC and Mac, or Nintendo Switch and PS4 gaming systems. Users can personalize their listening profiles through a mobile app, and upload them onto the SXFI AIR. When connected via USB, the SXFI AIR offers low-latency 7.1 audio which is great for movies and games, especially on the PC and Mac. The SXFI AIR also operates as a standalone music player via microSD card for various formats including MP3, WMA, WAV and FLAC. Additionally, the SXFI AIR comes with a touch-control earcup, where users can easily switch between tracks and adjust volume with simple finger sliding actions. The headphones also feature  customizable RGB light rings, which allow users to choose from 16 million colors to make the headphones truly their own.

The SXFI AIR C model is an entry-level USB headphone with Super X-Fi aimed at gamers. It does not support Bluetooth, touch-controls and SD card, but it features a detachable ClearComms microphone that is specifically tuned to reproduce voice, allowing for gaming communication. The ClearComms microphone is also an accessory option for SXFI AIR.

The SXFI AIR and AIR C headphones are available for preorder at and and will ship in February 2019.

“After the SXFI AMP, it was a natural next step to develop headphones with built-in Super X-Fi technology. With the SXFI AIR series, users can now enjoy the magic of headphone holography, complemented by the best of our headphone engineering. The SXFI AIR is meant to pave the way for the headphone industry to adopt Super X-Fi into all future headphones,” adds Sim Wong Hoo.

Besides the SXFI AMP and SXFI AIR series, at CES 2019 Creative will also offer a glimpse into the other Super X-Fi products slated for future release. At the Las Vegas show, Creative will also be showcasing the Outlier Air, the first True Wireless ear buds from Creative with extended battery life.
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