NAD Announces New CI 8-120 Eight-Channel DSP Amplifier for Distributed Audio

September 12 2019, 00:10
NAD Electronics announced an all-new advanced amplifier targeted at high performance distributed audio systems. The CI 8-120 DSP uses a customized version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage and is capable of delivering massive power with extremely low distortion and noise in the audible range. Featured at CEDIA 2019, the networked controlled CI 8-120 DSP ($2999 U.S. MSRP) delivers 8 x 120 watts per channel with unique features and will be available in November.

While the CI 8-120 will deliver a conservative 8 x 120 watts per channel @ 8 ohm, it is also bridgeable to 4 x 200 watts per channel @ 8 ohm. IHF Dynamic Power in bridged mode is 4 x 350 watts per channel @ 4 ohm. The hybrid digital amplifier platform delivers stable and efficient power with high current capability, all in a slim 1U rack space. To make this level of performance possible, the CI 8-120 DSP uses a customized version of the proven Hypex UcD output stage. 

According to the company, every detail of the design has been carefully executed to wring out every last drop of performance. Designed to deal with the demands of the CI world, it was made to handle long cable runs and difficult speaker loads. 

NAD’s newest generation of distribution amplifiers will offer the brand’s signature sonic performance along with a host of technological features demanded by today’s custom integration market. For example, the CI 8-120 DSP allows installers to program and control a variety of functions which can be accessed through a web browser. The custom web UI can manage DSP calibration and IP control as well as offer several helpful diagnostic features. Once the installer has accessed the unit from within the network, the amplifier can be set up, calibrated, as well as reboot, factory reset, restore custom settings, and update firmware.

NAD is keenly aware that reliability is paramount for a professional installer so all models will be based on tried and true amplification platforms delivering stable and reliable performance. The CI 8-120 amplifier is stable at 4 ohm impedance. A variety of power methods are available as well as an Eco mode setting for minimal power consumption.

“NAD’s newest CI 8-120 amplifier highlights one of the brand’s strongest features which of course is our amplifier platforms, comments Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook’s Product Manager for CI. The brand has a reputation for rock solid amplification and a tonal balance that seems to shake hands with virtually any speaker it powers. Our clients can expect the same exacting standard. For example, this new CI 8-120 DSP adheres to the same stringent sonic tests as our best traditional amplifiers. Quite simply, that sonic signature is what separates NAD from the rest.” 

Coming in early 2020, the CI 8-150 to be previewed at CEDIA 2019, will be NAD’s flagship distribution amplifier. In addition to a dual bus system and analog inputs, the CI 8-150 will offer optical and digital inputs. |
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