MyKronoz Introduces ZePods Bluetooth 5 True Wireless Earbuds

March 5 2019, 00:45
Unveiled at MWC 2019 in Barcelona, the new ZePods range of true wireless earbuds by MyKronoz feature a familiar design, closely resembling Apple's AirPods, and are complemented by features which might be appreciated for users looking for an affordable, more stylish alternative. The ZePods and ZePods+ are available in 6 vibrant colors, support up to 5 hours playtime with an extra 10 hours in the battery case, and use embedded fast charging so they take only 15 minutes to fully charge and be ready to play.

Many companies that design true wireless earbuds focus on improving the sound quality, and they immediately opt for the traditional in-ear shape, because of the superior isolation and improved frequency response. While many headphone designers disregard the unique shape of Apple's wired earbuds, the truth is many of the satisfied AirPods users remark the fact that they don't like in-ear tips which need to be inserted inside the ear canal and generate a tight seal. Apple's design, holds to the outside of the ear canal, technically the auricular, not creating any internal pressure and allowing for longer comfort. 

During MWC 2019, we noticed the presence of Swiss wearable brand MyKronoz, with a vast range of affordable smartwatches and fitness bands, as well as an expanded range of compact portable speakers and mini wireless speakers in their Lexon brand. Among the new products introduced at MWC 2019 are the new ZePods, its first collection of true wireless earphones. They offer Bluetooth 5, up to 15 hours of playtime (5+10), a stylish design with 6 vibrant colors and matching USB-C charging case, intuitive touch controls to manage music, calls and voice commands and are compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

MyKronoz doesn't target users demanding "better quality audio," and instead focuses on making the ZePods range fashionable and affordable. The true wireless earbuds come in two versions with distinctive design and features. The ZePods ($79,90 USD/EUR MSRP) with a USB-C charging case boasting the familiar look of a sleek lighter will be available in April 2019, and the ZePods+ ($99,90 USD/EUR MSRP) complemented with a Qi-certified wireless charging case whose shape has been greatly inspired by Swiss traditional pocket-watches, which will be available H2 2019. All are available in ABS Glossy/Matte finish, are IPX4 and sweat resistant and use USB Type-C.

The ergonomic fit of the ZePods is perfect for daily and intense use with one or two earbuds, but MyKronoz decided to add an outside (passive) noise reduction system in the shape of silicone covers, also for those who don't like the contact with the ABS plastic.

“Building on our Swiss DNA for design and our strong background in wearable technology, we believe that MyKronoz has a tremendous opportunity to seize in the flourishing market of wireless earbuds. The launch of ZePods appears as a natural and strategic evolution for our company to leverage expertise in developing affordable consumer-driven products and diversify to offer a full ecosystem,” says Boris Brault, MyKronoz Founder and CEO.

Founded in January 2013, MyKronoz is a Swiss company headquartered in Geneva that designs and develops wearable devices. Bringing together the essence of watchmaking tradition with innovative technology, MyKronoz offers a full range of affordable wearables. Present in more than 40 countries, MyKronoz is part of BOW Group, operating from offices in Paris, Geneva, Miami and Shenzhen in the design of lifestyle consumer products with its 2 brands: MyKronoz and LEXON. Since July 2015, BOW has opened up its capital to Next Stage AM, then, in 2017 to PM Equity Partner - the corporate venture fund of Philip Morris International.
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