MSE Audio Introduces Modern White Finishes to PhaseTech Premier Collection Series

August 6 2020, 00:25
MSE Audio, the parent company of SoundTube Entertainment, Soundsphere, dARTS, Phase Technology, Induction Dynamics, SolidDrive and Rockustics, announced the PhaseTech Premier Collection subwoofers, bookshelf and tower speakers are now available in a smooth white satin finish. The culmination of over 65 years of engineering experience, the Premier Collection is the pinnacle of the PhaseTech line, offering high performance sound reproduction in solid, curved cabinets, that reduce resonant frequencies and standing waves.

"Our dealers have asked us to make the popular Premier Collection loudspeakers in a satin white to match many current design trends," says Ken Hecht, vice president of MSE Audio. "With our in-house custom engineering capabilities, we were easily able to fulfill this request and the result is stunning!"

The Premier Collection (PC) Series features multiple patented technologies and unique features, including Phase Technology’s patented soft dome tweeter that reproduces silky smooth and defined high frequencies, allowing a transition at a frequency where the midrange still exhibits broad, uniform dispersion.
These are complemented with RPF flat-piston woofers, which are light, offer a lot of excursion without having to waste a lot of power, and don't muddy the audible signal when causing sound diffraction in the speaker cabinet. The tri-laminate flat-piston RPF woofers used in the PC line possess are engineered to offer those qualities, with a flat plane surface of the driver that also greatly increases vertical and horizontal dispersion patterns allowing for much more placement flexibility.

Finally, the Premier Collection proprietary crossover network design ensures that the speaker drivers are both acoustically and electronically in phase. This is especially important when a sound moves from left-to-center-to- right and vice versa. The transition is heard as a smooth flow from one speaker to the next, creating an improved soundstage that is critical in particular with multichannel and surround configurations.

The PC9.5 Tower Speaker is the jewel of the premier collection with PhaseTech’s most advanced technology and design profile. It sports three patented 6.5" tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers, a 1.5" soft dome midrange, and a 1" soft dome tweeter. Equipped with Absolute Phase Crossovers, the PC9.5 can produce an incredibly detailed soundstage.

This three-way freestanding tower also represents PhaseTech's most advanced technology and design profile, reflecting the value of handcrafted quality. Available in high gloss black or matte white, the speakers feature curved high-gloss black and satin white finishes and can be combined the brand's CI6.2X, CI7.3X, CI20X, CI60 VIII Kit, CI70X, CI-SURR-X, CI110-SIII, CI120, or CI130 speakers for in-ceiling/in-wall options.

For multichannel entertainment configurations, the PC series offers two center channel options. The PC3.5 and the PC33.5 speakers produce the bulk of movie dialogue and help audio effects transition from left to right and vice versa with the help of PhaseTech's crossovers. The three-way PC3.5 center channel offers two patented 6.5-inch tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers, a 1.5-inch soft dome midrange, and a 1 inch patented soft dome tweeter. The tweeter/midrange assembly can be rotated 90 to keep the same dispersion pattern when three are used in an LCR configuration. The PhaseTech PC33.5 center channel speaker features two patented 5.25-inch tri-laminate Kevlar/RPF/Glass Fiber flat-piston woofers and a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter and allows vertical or horizontal positioning.
The Premier Collection loudspeakers also include 10" and 12" Wireless Subwoofers featuring a downward-firing active woofer and front-firing passive radiator in a stylish cabinet. The subwoofers are capable of up to 2.5" of peak-to-peak motion for maximum bass response.

All white Premier Collection products are available with a choice of white or black speaker grilles.
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