Movers and Shakers: Powersoft Debuts New Powerful Linear Motors at ISE 2019

February 6 2019, 00:25
Since it introduced its M-Force linear motor technology, Powersoft paved the way for a completely new range of applications for low frequency transducers. This in turn attracted companies with interesting ideas and projects, leading the Italian company to expand the research. One result was now introduced at the ISE 2019 show in Amsterdam, with the first public demonstration of Mover - a small yet incredibly powerful linear transducer that can be used in audio applications and, more excitingly, as a linear motor / shaker.

This is a completely new product, inspired by the M-Force research and adaptable to various purposes, including 4D cinemas, theme parks, or venues with vibrating acoustic floors - as well as applications that go beyond entertainment. Available as a completely integrated solution, contrary to many systems deployed in this field where integrators needed to combine multiple products which do not create a reliable solution for long-term use, the new Powersoft Mover will allows audiences to “feel the sound” through haptic perception by vibrating the surrounding environment, which the human body picks up and, through bone conduction, translating the vibrations into perceivable frequencies. 

Mover is available in two versions: a Direct Drive solution (a powerful piston-like motor) and a more traditional Inertial Drive integrated package that can be coupled to any surface. With Direct Drive, Powersoft adds a unique and unprecedented experience in which the transducer is anchored to an immovable surface and the moving magnet is directly connected to a movable surface, such as a floating floor or chair. Next to exciting the surface, Direct Drive is also able to create an offset of +/- 15 mm. As a result, the surface will not only shake but also move giving the audience the sensation of falling off or jumping over an object.

The Inertial Drive version can be mounted directly to a surface. The ultra-low frequency reproduction (down to DC) and unmatched efficiency of Mover - Inertial Drive will excite the surface and extend the low frequency experience. Mover is also available in a low impedance and 100 Volt version.

Visitors to one of Powersoft’s three booths at ISE 2019 are able to experience Mover first hand on a custom-built platform as it interacts with VR content. Users standing on the platform and wearing the HTC VR headset can experience an immersive 360° video while being stimulated through haptic perception.

Mover is based on Powersoft’s patented moving magnet linear motor technology, applied as the foundation for the incredible M-Force/M-System solution now powering many powerful infra-bass and subwoofers in the market. Introduced in 2013, this results in an unbelievable performance, extending power handling, electromagnetic conversion, reliability and maximum SPL in respect to conventional moving coil arrangements. Apart from powerful subwoofers, this patented technology also found its way into earth quake simulators in museums and rides in theme parks, inspiring Powersoft to create a practical and ready to deploy solution.

Powersoft has been able to pack this unique technology into Mover for applications where a shorter travel and less force is required. Mover is more accurate, powerful and efficient compared to existing products, and it can be used to move floors or seats, both to track video content as well as transfer audible frequencies in industrial applications.

Mover can be used in conjunction with a Powersoft amplifier and the company has introduced an updated firmware version especially for the Powersoft Mover, adding a specific subharmonic generator plug-in. This new algorithm transposes down the frequency pitch in order to reproduce ultra-low frequency extension all the way down to 5 Hz. This creates an integrated package that can applied immediately to 4D Cinema experiences, rides, simulators, gaming platforms and even home theaters, allowing users to benefit from fast and accurate movements that are in sync with the complete experience. As Powersoft researched, compared with existing implementations, the Mover drives will not suffer from speed limitations, harmonic distortion or limited frequency range.
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