Moshi Launches Avanti C On-Ear Headphones with USB-C Audio

March 11 2019, 00:25
Following a preview at CES 2019, Moshi has announced a new addition to its expanding USB-C audio collection: the Avanti C on-ear headphones with ergonomic headband and premium vegan leather earcups. The company is already a leading manufacturer of USB Type-C converters and accessories for mobile devices and personal audio, and in 2018 launched the Mythro C USB Type-C in-ears with DR8 Neodymium drive. Now with on-ear headphones, Moshi proves once again how to offer better sound quality than 3.5 mm products, establishing the San Francisco accessory design house as an industry leader in USB-C audio.

“Working with Apple and Google on USB-C projects over the past few years has given us an engineering headstart when it comes to USB-C audio,” explains Spencer Pangborn, Director of Product Marketing at Moshi. “Now that major phone makers like Apple, Google, Samsung and others are completely removing the headphone jack, it’s only a matter of time before USB-C headphones become commonplace.”

“Wireless audio solutions will remain popular, but true aficionados will continue using wired headsets since there’s no bandwidth limitation or charging required. USB-C audio also offers superior sound quality because the analog cable runs are shorter thanks to the digital-to-analog converter (DAC) being located near the drivers.”

Moshi’s Avanti C is equipped with a DAC and offers high-resolution audio (24-bit/96 kHz) with a Class G amplifier. It features a rotatable stainless steel headband and angled earcups for added comfort. The on-ear headset is built with high-resolution 40 mm neodymium drivers for a full-bodied sound signature and excellent noise isolation.

The Avanti C headphones ($199.95) are available now in three different colors on and include a custom carrying case and a USB-C and 3.5 mm connector for ultimate compatibility.

Founded in 2005, Moshi designs accessories and electronics, combining in-house design, minimalist aesthetics and Silicon Valley roots in material sciences to create products that fit seamlessly into users life. With offices located in San Francisco, Taipei, Shanghai, Rotterdam, and Dubai, Moshi products are sold in retailers globally.
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