MobileMan Introduces the World’s Latest Wearable Audio Bluetooth Stereo Speaker System

September 8 2016, 03:00
Tired of headphones restricting your ability to move freely and tiny mono Bluetooth speakers? How about a wearable stereo speaker that you can truly wear? Introducing MobileMan USA, the producer of the MobileMan S1, the world’s latest wearable audio Bluetooth speaker system, patent pending. “It's time to cut the cord, toss the ear buds and liberate your ears. MobileMan makes wearables listenable and provides the soundtrack to all of your urban adventures”, says the company.   

“Life happens in stereo,” says MobileMan USA, a New York based company. Featuring an original design, MobileMan USA offers a collection of Bluetooth wearable audio speakers that are hands-free, ears-free, weatherproof and comfortable. The MobileMan S1 series supports a full range of motion and allows active enthusiasts to maintain complete awareness of their surroundings, while participating in any activity. “It's a jungle out there. If you bike, run or skate, you might as well have a target on your back. Accidents are up significantly in U.S. cities this year. Cover your ears with headphones and you won’t even know what hit you,” states MobileMan USA.

“MobileMan USA is a concept brand that has achieved its vision of creating a device that delivers an incredible, wearable audio experience to a community of people who are both fitness conscious and style conscious. We have been able to bridge the gap between fashion, technology and function to create a first to market product," says Sekou Carradine, Founding Partner and Director of Communications for MobileMan USA.

Standout features of the MobileMan S1 Premium and MobileMan S1 Sport include weather resistant speakers and Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to a range of 30 feet on a lightweight (under 200 grams) wearable contraption with adjustable straps. Featuring a battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on usage, the MobileMan S1 includes reflective accents for nighttime use and is available in two models - the S1 Sport, made from a combination of lycra and neoprene; and the S1 Premium model, made from synthetic leather and neoprene, both models available in red, blue and black. All units have adjustable straps for a secure, and comfortable fit and a flexible utility pocket allows for storing small items.

The MobileMan S1 supports a full range of motion in almost every activity, and allows users to remain in complete awareness of their surroundings with an ears-free experience. Apart from the built-in 2 Watt stereo speakers in the front - able to generate up to 90dB - the design also features a built-in microphone to allow answering calls without having to reach for the phone. And for the moments when the user actually gets closer to other human beings that might not be very pleased to hear the music, or for those embarrassing moments when mom calls, there’s even an headphone jack…
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