Master & Dynamic Rethinks Premium Wireless Speakers with the MA770

April 25 2017, 03:10
Lifestyle headphone brand Master & Dynamic has partnered with renowned architect David Adjaye to design a bold and immersive new speaker that draws upon distinctive premium materials for the home audio market. This is an excellent example of how manufacturers are targeting a new premium market and a new generation of consumers already rendered to the convenience of streaming services and seamless wireless connectivity. From headphones to speakers, the New York-based brand surprises with a new type of luxury.

The recently knighted Sir David Adjaye, is known globally as the architect behind Washington D.C.’s new Smithsonian museum — The National Museum of African American History and Culture. Working together with the Master & Dynamic team, the new MA770 Wireless Speaker "rethinks" the home speaker. Made of a proprietary concrete composite – the first of its kind – the design’s distinctive geometry follows directly from functional considerations, elevating the form to a truly unique, state-of-the-art piece, launched in partnership with the MoMA Design Store.

Cast in this new concrete composite geometric form, the new Master & Dynamic MA770 Wireless Speaker is said to provide exceptional acoustic benefits. The new concrete – the result of Master & Dynamic and Adjaye’s shared passion for innovation with a variety of materials – increases dampening, reduces resonance from the enclosure, and adds durability. According to the company, "The dampening properties of the concrete are so impressive – five times better than wood and ten times better than plastic – that the speaker can be placed just inches away from a turntable and played at full volume without causing the record to skip."

Outfitted with dual 4" woven Kevlar long throw woofers, a 1.5" titanium tweeter and diamond-cut anodized aluminum controls, the MA770 Wireless Speaker also features an elegant, magnetically attached steel grille, removable for those that prefer the look of the exposed components and hand-finished concrete. According also to  Constructed in a seamless, sealed concrete composite form, Master & Dynamic this speaker will easily fill a large room, powered by three discrete 100 Watt channels of Class D amplification. 

At 410mm x 510mm x 245mm and 16kgs (approx. 16in x 20in x 10in and 35lbs), the MA770 is the first speaker to use Google's Chromecast technology for stereo pairing. The MA770 can in fact be used as a single unit, stereo pair or multi-room setup, thanks to extensive wireless and wired connectivity. The design features dual band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 with BLE, as well as a 3.5mm auxiliary analog jack (yes, that's what apparently manufacturers see as the standard input for any traditional analog audio source), adding just TOSLINK Optical Audio as the only other wired connection option. The Chromecast module built-in enables all standard streaming applications such as Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, Soundcloud, Deezer and more.

“This speaker is not about the traditional idea of making boxes, but about a directional form. I became fascinated with the idea of using triangles to break down the mass of the box, and to see if we could dissolve the sense of volume through sculptural detail,” said Adjaye. “We created a new geometry for this speaker. A new geometry of sound.”

“As the industry ebbs towards smaller and more disposable pieces, we continue to defy convention,” says Master & Dynamic's founder and CEO, Jonathan Levine. “The MA770 reinforces scale and prominence. Its luxurious design and use of premium materials further enhance its beauty.”

The MA770 Wireless Speaker is available for $1,800 for pre-order now on the brand+s website, and will be available at the MoMA Design Store starting April 25th.
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