Master & Dynamic Introduces MW07 True Wireless Earphones with Elevated Design and Materials

September 26 2018, 00:25
Master & Dynamic has entered the true wireless earbuds category, demonstrating how the segment is maturing and how product differentiation is getting harder. The New York-based lifestyle brand approached the challenge with an aesthetically refined product, combining handcrafted acetate and stainless steel in a well-designed package with average features. Betting on the combination of sound quality and design, the new Master & Dynamic MW07 True Wireless Earphones cost $299.

Since launching in 2014, New York City-based premium audio company Master & Dynamic has focused on offering beautiful and sophisticated audio products inspired by the vibrant city life, not as luxurious as competitive lifestyle brands but clearly inspired on the Bang & Olufsen model. After creating a niche market with headphones designed for commuters and fashion-oriented users, Master & Dynamic now enters the expanding true wireless earphone sector with the release of the MW07 True Wireless Earphones. 

Available in four initial colors schemes, Grey Terrazzo, Tortoiseshell, Steel Blue and Matte Black, each pair of MW07's is accompanied by an elegant stainless steel charging case. The earbuds feature premium materials such as handcrafted acetate and stainless steel as well as customized 10mm Beryllium drivers. On the inside there are "patent-pending technologies" that the company says will ensure best-in-class Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity - including the use of NFMI for pairing the left and right units, and an antenna design allowing for a range of up to 20 meters. For communications there is an omnidirectional MEMS microphone built on each earbud. This is all accomplished in a slim, close to the ear form factor.

As with all Master & Dynamic products, the materials for the MW07 have been carefully chosen. Handcrafted acetate, created through time-honored craftsmanship dating back to the 1800s and widely used in luxury sunglasses and eyewear, allows each individual earphone to be uniquely eye-catching, lightweight and incredibly durable. PVD-coated stainless steel is used for both the acoustic enclosures housing dynamic 10mm beryllium drivers, as well as the control buttons on each earphone that provide a discreet user interface.

Optical sensors detect in-ear placement so that the sound is both played and paused when the earphones are placed in and removed from the user's ears. A detachable silicone "fit wing," which comes in two sizes, along with five ear tip sizes, ensure the earphones can be comfortably and securely fitted to any ear. 

"Our goal is to offer the best of both superior sound and sophisticated design to our customers," says Master & Dynamic's Founder and CEO Jonathan Levine. "With the launch of the MW07, we've not only improved the user experience, but we've selected premium materials to take true wireless earphones into uncharted territory."

Of course, by bravely choosing a standard Bluetooth 4.2 platform at this stage, the MW07 True Wireless Earphones will suffer in comparison with many recently launched TWS earbuds using lower power. The MW07 earbuds themselves hold only 3.5 hours of battery life when fully charged, while the hand-polished stainless-steel charging case holds an additional 10.5 hours of listening time. But at least it can be charged to 50% in just 15-minutes via USB-C, which is basically the only updated design choice.
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