Massdrop Announces Name Change to Drop

April 29 2019, 02:15
Community-driven commerce platform announced a name change from Massdrop to just Drop. The company, headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and founded by Steve El-Hage and Nelson Wu in 2012, is getting ready for a major expansion. More than just a name change, the company is getting ready to start serving new markets, such as Europe and Asia, which have been demanding availability of the same model in local currencies and with the convenience of fast shipping.

Massdrop, now only Drop, is one of the most important phenomena in online retail for many industries, from audio to mechanical keyboards, travel and cooking utilities, and consumer electronics in general. Leveraging the concept of community-driven e-commerce to create and influence the technology and fashion/lifestyle industries seems to be a powerful disrupter - even more powerful than crowdfunding platforms. And that's because Drop actually managed to become a powerful enabler for many global brands, both new and established, allowing for a completely new type of marketing-mix, where the prospect client votes in advance with its own money.

For now available only in North-America, but already representing a powerful community of 6.9 million active users, Drop helped generate inventive products, directly inspired by the knowledge and ideas of users, while Drop Studio has helped turn many exclusive designs into a reality, working directly with leading brands. Drop Studio has already created more than 261 products to date and is becoming a brand in itself. In the audio industry, the power of Drop was highly noted since the massive success of the Massdrop Sennheiser HD 6XX headphones, launched in 2016, which have turned the enthusiast community into one of the German brand's major partners for its high end products.

As Steve El-Hage, the founder and CEO states, "This new brand reflects how we’ve evolved since our beginnings in 2012, from group-buying site, to commerce platform and now, a brand made possible by your deep commitment to passions. The name Massdrop originated when we were just a group-buying site, but we are so much more than that now. We wanted a name that was a nod to our roots, strong, but also gave us room to experiment and grow." 

"Moving forward, there will be a whole new look and feel to our brand. This will be across the site, our products, our packaging, experiences, and more. On, you can now explore, connect, shop, and engage in the product development process in more meaningful and better ways. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you. This is just the beginning," he states.
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