MarkAudio-SOTA Makes Debut of Cesti MB Wide-Range Single Driver Loudspeaker at the LA Audio Show

May 24 2017, 03:00
MarkAudio-SOTA is to premiere the new single-driver, full-spectrum, Cesti MB speaker, in addition to demonstrating their well-regarded Cesti B, Cesti T and Viotti One loudspeakers at the LA Audio Show June 2-4th (Room 408.) The showcase is the US market launch celebration of the company's new Cesti MB monitor speakers, offering the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range, single speaker design, plus the high-impact dynamics typical of multi-way speakers.

"MarkAudio-SOTA is really excited to reveal our new Cesti MB monitor speakers at the LA Audio Show," says Dwight Sakuma - President of MarkAudio-SOTA North America. "The truly natural sound that these speakers offer from their discreet profile is sure to impress both consumer audiophiles and producers alike."

The new Cesti MB small bookshelf speakers from MarkAudio-SOTA combine Italian style with British engineering design that follow the company's "Hear Our Difference" audio philosophy. The speakers utilize a single all-range symmetric driver to create a full range loudspeaker in an elegant and finely finished cabinet. The proprietary minimalist control network [MA1] intelligently controls the driver, minimizing artificial processing. Laminated dual-core panels and space-age polymers provide enclosures of maximum strength and acoustic stability. The result is statement-level sound quality speaker, available in three colors (black, red or white) for $1595/pair.

Combining the talents of a truly global team of experts in driver, crossover, and cabinet engineering technology, MarkAudio-SOTA builds unique speakers from the ground up, using all-range drivers that are acoustically accurate, and generate a symmetrical sound field. 
MarkAudio-SOTA started their dream team of designers when Steve Cheng recruited engineer Mark Fenlon of Markaudio, Ltd., a renowned manufacturer of loudspeaker drivers for the custom-build and OEM markets. They then integrated Dr. Scott Lindgren's technical box alignment and elegant crossover design to work seamlessly with Mark's custom drivers. These were all built into the elegant styling of Italian designer Andrea Ponti's cabinet concept for the Viotti One, and Ball Chan's designs for the Cesti MB, B and Cesti Tower. The combination creates unique high-fidelity loudspeakers that efficiently reproduce music as it was recorded.

All cabinets, crossovers and speaker drivers are engineered in tandem. The wide dispersion and shallow-profile cone drivers replace conventional cone-woofer and dome-tweeter combinations. With matched dispersion and output characteristics, along with a low order crossover slope, the two custom-made SOTA drivers provide a seamless integration between high and low frequencies. This integration results in a smooth, natural output and soundstage that affords a wider range of seating positions, allowing several people to hear a top quality performance simultaneously.

MarkAudio-SOTA's All-Range driver approach offers the rich midrange that is typical of a wide-range single speaker design, while providing a dynamic, full frequency range extending from 40Hz to 25kHz. The three dual driver speakers' systems use different combinations of a custom-designed, 110mm (SOTA 11) wide-range mid-bass driver mounted in a ported cabinet along with an acoustically isolated 50mm (SOTA 5) tweeter. Both drivers use a low mass, mixed-alloy cone that generates accurate audio transparency with detail.
The company's two-way speakers utilize a 2.4 kHz crossover frequency with gentle, 2nd order electrical and acoustic slopes that gradually blend the outputs, maximizing the advantages of the symmetrical, all-range wide-dispersion drivers. The simple design, with few reactive components, also aids in amplifier matching, allowing MarkAudio-SOTA speakers to be easily driven by low-power designs. The result is a 2-way loudspeaker without any obvious crossover transition, and a smooth, transparent, yet dynamic and natural musical response especially apparent in vocal reproduction.
MarkAudio-SOTA speakers are available exclusively from the company's new website ( with a 30-Day money back guarantee. Until the end of May, visits to website will be able to take 10% off any order with promo code "AXP" upon checkout. Also, as a show of thanks for the valuable feedback the company receives from demos, MarkAudio-SOTA will be giving away a pair of the exquisite two-way, Cesti B speakers (valued at $1,895.00) to one lucky LA Audio Show demo attendee.
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