Lucyd Releases the First Prescription Compatible Glasses with Bluetooth and Bone Conduction Sound

September 14 2018, 01:00
Lucyd Pte Ltd, a company based in Singapore, has recently announced their first product, Lucyd Loud, the world’s first prescription-compatible Bluetooth smart glasses. Even though the company is developing a future Augmented Reality solution, for its first commercial release Lucyd designed glasses that are able to replace wireless headsets. Lucyd Loud is basically a frame that uses bone conduction technology to deliver open-ear sound to the wearer, and brings the functions of a Bluetooth headset and more to a normal sunglass form factor.

According to the company, Lucyd Loud glasses are equipped with a microphone, speakers and a trackpad, allowing users to answer and control calls, listen to music, and access voice assistants like Siri, all without their smartphone ever leaving their pocket. A number of popular apps can also be accessed via Siri with Lucyd Loud.

Lucyd recently launch its own eShop strategy to support direct sales of the Lucyd Loud glasses, and intends to also offer a platform to inform visitors about the latest technologies and trends in eyewear. The eShop includes a licensed eye doctor available to answer shoppers' eye care questions for free, and a virtual try-on app where users can leverage the latest in VR technology to try glasses on before they purchase them.

Commenting on the vision for Lucyd, co-founder Harrison Gross says, "Our mission at Lucyd is simple: we want to upgrade your eyewear. The glasses we wear today have hardly evolved at all in the past 100 years and we want to change that. Lucyd Loud is our first product towards delivering on this mission, and over the upcoming months, we'll continue to roll out new features and products that bring glasses into the 21st century."

For the Lucyd Loud, the company has chosen a familiar design that will please the vast majority of potential users, and explores the full potential of glasses’ frames to combine Bluetooth technology, battery and a touch surface, creating a solution that makes sense today, even if not everyone will be pleased with the bone conduction sound experience. Compared to wireless headbands, glasses are an ideal platform for bone conduction and many users who dislike the sense of isolation caused by conventional headphones and in-ears, will appreciate the possibility of staying aware of surrounding sounds, while still being able to communicate and listen to music and digital assistants, without the need to reach out for the smartphone. Also, the fact that the Loud frames allow users to have prescription lenses or sunglasses will be a decisive factor for many potential users.
Lucyd's flagship product, a visual Augmented Reality solution called Lucyd Lens, is currently in development and is expected to launch in 2019. Still, visual overlays on glasses are something that the majority of people will never find comfortable to have, especially those that already depend upon prescription lenses. Probably, the idea of adapting glasses as hearables holds much more potential.

The new Lucyd Loud glasses sell for $99 and include free 2-day FedEx shipping in the U.S. and low-cost FedEx delivery worldwide.
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