Loudspeaker Sourcing Show Attracts More Key Industry Players for 2017 Edition

September 28 2017, 05:00
The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show, now in its third year, will take place October 16–18, 2017, at the Nansha Grand Hotel, Guangzhou, China. This show is an all-inclusive solution for loudspeaker brand buyers, engineers, and their decision makers to meet directly with qualified loudspeaker factories over the course of this three-day event. A significant number of new manufacturers and industry associations, including the Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics (ALMA) International, and the Audio Engineering Society, have already confirmed support to the event.

The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show provides a highly focused platform for qualified component manufacturers to establish relationships and conduct business directly with brands across the globe. The show is dedicated to suppliers of loudspeaker materials and related services in all markets, from consumer, contractor A/V, mobile, audiophile, musical instrument, and professional audio applications. This show is focused on the loudspeaker industry, bringing together suppliers who are good at building components for speaker driver units and turnkey speaker systems. The attendees consist of brands who buy from these suppliers or are looking for loudspeaker component suppliers or turnkey system suppliers. There is no video or lighting suppliers – the focus is on loudspeaker related parts and products.

Manufacturers can save time, money, reduce product release schedules, and develop optimized processes by doing business directly with qualified manufacturers. Exhibitor categories include cones, voice coils, spiders (dampers), cast-aluminum frames, top plates and T-yokes, magnets, stamped steel frames, terminals, aluminum machining, cabinets, amplifiers (rack and plate), loudspeaker assembly, law firms, packaging, shipping, and translation experts. 

Last year's Loudspeaker Sourcing Show, held just before the fall Hong Kong Electronics Show attracted more than 50 exhibitors in one large hotel ballroom, with table-top sized booths, allowing for immediate access to exhibitors staff without walking around huge booths and halls. Small booths hold down exhibitor expenses and complexity forcing them to focus on what they see is most important to show potential customers. Exhibitors also can use their suites in the hotel for live demos or walk over to the coffee bar serving premium coffee, cold beer, soda or bottled water at no charge – all you can drink.

Many exhibitors were Chinese and Taiwanese companies, and others came from farther away, selling everything from all types of transducers to die casting, powder coating, tooling, CNC machining, plating, voice coils, cones, speaker baskets, spiders/dampers, chassis parts, cabinets and cabinet shops, whole systems, packaging, and logistics (shipping). Materion, supplier of beryllium domes for tweeters and compression drivers, cone and spider supplier Kurt Muller, an Eminence, one of the largest speaker manufacturers in the world, were among the most recognizable international brands exhibiting.

The Association of Loudspeaker Manufacturing and Acoustics (ALMA) International was represented by several of its members, and adjacent to the exhibit hall there was a meeting room which became the ALMA spotlight room for lectures. There were about 400 attendees from 25 countries, who consumed most of the beer and hundreds of cups of coffee.

The Nansha is a high-quality Chinese style hotel, with a large outdoor pool area where there was dinner and live entertainment. Some rooms had nice views of the ferry terminal, an easy five minute walk from the hotel. The simplest way to get to the hotel is by high-speed ferry from Hong Kong, with foreign attendees passing through Chinese immigration and customs at the ferry terminal.

The show sponsor and organizer is Philip Richardson of TrueAnalog, a one-stop shop for exclusively OEM high-quality drivers and speaker systems (passive or powered), and Mandy Tseng of ZengBen, supplier of steel top-plates, T-yokes and U-yokes. TrueAnalog manufactures transducers that are built into complete systems strictly OEM, many of which are premium brands from Europe. TrueAnalog is an anomaly: a factory owned and run by an American who knows the local language and culture, specializes in driver design and driver production, and focused on quality. They invested in good test equipment and built an anechoic chamber good down to 40 Hz. ZengBen is a supplier of steel to the speaker industry; it is the largest in China for high-quality steel used in speaker motor assemblies.

Philip Richardson and the show team have been working hard to put together the third and largest edition so far of the Loudspeaker Sourcing Show, this year with the Audio Engineering Society throwing also its support and exhibiting. AES/ALMA representative, Rob Baum, which attended the two previous editions - and wrote a report for audioXpress/Voice Coil and the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) - will be giving presentations with Q&A daily about AES and the benefits of membership.

"Having attended the first two Loudspeaker Sourcing Shows, I can say with experience that the show is a great way for suppliers and brands to meet and conduct business in a relaxed and friendly environment. Since all the suppliers are pre-qualified, many productive meetings and relationships have been built from attending the show," states Rob Baum.

"We are honored to have AES exhibit at our third annual show," stated the show's host, Philip Richardson. "This is the only loudspeaker sourcing show dedicated to the sourcing of loudspeaker components. The show is timed so that people visiting the Hong Kong Electronics Fair can use the ferry which drops them off a short walk from the hotel. The ferry schedule is on our website along with an extensive FAQ."

The 2017 edition will benefit from many new exhibitors from all over the world. Already confirmed are names such as Isotech Products (damping, molded products), Lap Forne (speaker cabinets), Haaken (spiders), Hong Long Industries (steel frames and yokes), ZengBen (T-yokes), Ladway (crossovers, transformers, flat coil inductors), Changsen (frames), Clave Products (earbuds/headphones), DKM Cones, YC Cones, Trueanalog OEM, Evermagnet, ZengBen, PoYun, RedCatt, GGEC, PXD and more.to name just a few. Test and measurement exhibitors will also include NTI Audio, and Klippel.

There will be 20 minute Q&A sessions in an open forum throughout the day, and there will be sessions explaining how to legally conduct business in China with American legal representatives. Gregor Schmidle, NTi Audio Product Manager will be giving at least one 15 minute lecture on testing loudspeakers every day. Joe Rocha, Associate Director of TMF Group, a global solutions and compliance company assisting companies investing in China and outbound Chinese investment, will be giving free presentations and legal advice throughout the show.

Parts Express, one of the show's sponsors, and the AES, will be awarding prizes during the raffle at the show, and visitors will be able to pick-up latest hard copies of Voice Coil, audioXpress, and the Loudspeaker Industry Sourcebook (LIS) 2017 issue.

For more Information contact:
Philip Richardson
Ms. Eva Lee (sales)

October 16 - 18, 2017
The Loudspeaker Sourcing Show 2017
Nansha Grand Hotel in Guangzhou, China.
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