Neutrik Introduces Locking USB Type-C Cables and True Outdoor Protection Connectors

October 25 2018, 02:00
Neutrik AG just launched the new mediaCON product family, promoted at recent shows like IBC in Amsterdam and AES New York. The new mediaCON series notably includes a robust, lockable USB Type-C cables and panel sockets, with all components designed for data rates up to 10 GB/s (USB 3.1), 100 W power and 10,000 mating cycles. No news yet of corresponding Thunderbolt 3 cables. But Neutrik also introduced the new TOP (True Outdoor Protection) series for all-weather applications, including etherCON, power and XLR connectors.

As Fabio Röllin, Product Manager at Neutrik AG, explains, “With increasing digitization, the demand for high-quality and robust data connectors is steadily increasing. More and more manufacturers rely on USB Type-C technology. However, a lockable and reliable interface to connect professional audio components, storage media, cameras, monitors and computer hardware has been missing. The new mediaCON series now offers the perfect solution for professional AV and broadcast applications, live rental, system integration and industrial applications.” 

For ease of handling, the space-saving, flush-mount panel socket with push-pull locking mechanism, can be mounted from the front or the rear, and the majority of the moulded cable connector is concealed when mated and locked in place. This not only ensures a reliable connection, but also protects against dirt and mechanical stress. mediaCON cables with bend protection are available in lengths of 0.5 and 1 meter. mediaCON cables and panel sockets are also compatible with standard USB-C products. 

True Outdoor Protection
Outdoor events, productions and broadcasting can be very challenging and require highly resilient and reliable solutions. There is no time to even worry about things like weather influences and temperatures getting in the way. The weather can, however, negatively impact materials and the quality of the work. The new product range True Outdoor Protection (TOP) from Neutrik ensures that work can go on.
"It is now possible to find products on the market that provide protection only against moisture and precipitation. The sun and ultraviolet rays are, in our view, also an important factor because they too influence the material and product quality over time,” says Dario Winter, Product Manager at Neutrik AG. The new series includes the well-known powerCON TRUE1, etherCON and XLR products, which are approved for outdoor use - UV resistant and IP65 rated.

The new etherCON receptacle TOP range replaces the current SE versions. The TOP etherCON receptacles feature an enhanced IP65 rating as well as outdoor protection per UL50E (certification pending). This qualifies the TOP etherCON products for outdoor applications under harshest environmental conditions.

Currently, NE8FDP, NE8FDV and NE8FDH-C5E are available in TOP configurations. For converting additional etherCON types into TOP versions, please use the assembly kit SE8FD-TOP. All TOP etherCON chassis connectors are packaged with stainless steel mounting screws. This new screw, E-SCREW-1-12SS, will also be available for purchase on its own.

The current NE8MC* product range (NE8MC, NE8MC-B, NE8MC-1, NE8MC-B-1) will be completely replaced by three new products: NE8MX-TOP, NE8MX-B, and NE8MX-B-1. These three products include improved, simplified, more efficient assembly of the RJ45 into the cable carrier with enhanced outdoor protection according to UL50E and an IP65 rating.

The powerCON TRUE range is well established in many AV applications and, with the IP 65 rating, is used in various weather resistant applications. To ensure true outdoor protection, Neutrik has enhanced this range with appropriate materials to fulfill NEMA 250 and UL50E requirements.

With this improvement the new powerCON TRUE1 TOP series features maximal outdoor protection according to UL50E/enclosure type 4 and IP65 IEC standard. With the introduction of powerCON TRUE1 TOP, the existing TRUE1 cable connectors and chassis connectors will be discontinued.

Also new are the cable connectors NAC3FX-W-TOP and NAC3MX-W-TOP. These rugged power-in and power-out cable connectors are the successors to NAC3FX-W and NAC3MX-W. In addition to the new materials, the latch design has been upgraded for a more ergonomic grip and operation as well improved fixation on the housing. The new TOP series is easy to distinguish by the all-black design and the silver-colored finish of the latch lever. 

Like the cable connectors, the rugged power appliance connectors of the TOP Series are now completely black in color. Like the predecessor versions, the new range covers all applications in the field (in and out connectors, in/out combination, connectors without insulation dividers for the OEM business, connectors with screw terminations). It is important to note that the chassis connectors must be equipped with the rubber sealing covers SCNAC-PX / SCNAC-FPX / SCNAC-MPX to achieve the TOP outdoor protection level. For solely indoor applications, the sealing covers are not required.

With the TOP series, Neutrik also renews its catalog with a new range of weather-proof XLR connectors. The new XLR TOP connector range consists of male and female D-sized chassis connectors with solder termination as well enhanced male and female cable connectors. The chassis connectors are brand new products. The cable connectors are replacements for the current X-HD versions. These series feature the same outdoor protection and IP65 rating as the etherCON and powerCON TRUE1 TOP products. UL50E certification is pending. To protect the connectors from dust and dirt when disconnected, optional dust covers are available.
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