LG TONE Studio Wearable Around the Neck Personal Surround Speakers and Earbuds Now Available

March 28 2017, 03:00
Introduced at CES 2017 as part of a large range of new personal audio concepts, LG Electronics (LG) announced the availability of its LG TONE Studio wearable personal surround speaker and earbuds featuring a combination of high-quality 32-bit DAC, four speakers - two full range on the top and two vibrating on the bottom - and neckband earbuds, designed in consultation with  DTS. The concept allows a personal surround sound experience when watching a movie, playing a video game or simply streaming music.

LG Electronics is targeting a new level of convenience and portability in personal audio, extending its popular neckband earphone concept now also to users who want to play their favorite video games or stream movies anywhere and still benefit from an enhanced audio experience. As the company says, "feel as if you're right in the action with the new LG TONE Studio." The new LG TONE Studio around-the-neck Bluetooth wearable speaker is extremely lightweight (4.4 oz.) and was also designed to complement the Bluetooth audio capabilities of the newest LG Smart TVs running WebOS, allowing users to experience true surround sound confortably at home, without problems of excessive volume annoying the neighbours, awakening the baby or scaring the dog.

This effectively turns the $229.00 LG TONE Studio into an attractive proposition for anyone requiring complete freedom of movements and the same impactful sound experience wether listening to music while commuting, at work, enjoying all sorts of entertainment while traveling and even at home. Better yet, this doesn't have to be a lonely and selfish experience. Users are able to share the action by simply turning on the Dual Play feature which allows two LG TONE Studio wearable speakers to connect and share the sounds from a movie, playlist or more.

"A cinema-like experience doesn't only have to happen at the movie theatres," says Bruce Tripido, LG Senior Director, U.S. Accessories. "With the LG TONE Studio's not one, not two, not three, but four speakers, you can immerse yourself in real 3D Surround Sound when watching a movie, playing a video game, streaming music or simply talking on the phone."

Designed in collaboration with surround sound experts, the LG TONE Studio allows users to experience the first DTS-tuned wireless device for wearable "cinema-like" surround sound through four speakers – two upward firing, full range on the top of the headset and two vibration speakers underneath. What's more is that with Wearable Bass special vibration speakers, the user's body will feel the sound of cinema-like quality bass as if being right there in the action. 

For times where personal surround sound isn't needed, the LG TONE Studio features the legacy TONE tangle free, retractable earbuds featured in LG's line up of Bluetooth headsets like the LG TONE UTLRA, LG TONE Active, LG TONE INFINIM and LG TONE PLATINUM. With a simple toggle button, users are able to switch between speaker mode and earbud mode to enjoy up to 35 hours of music listening time while in earbud mode (compared with up to 6 hours when using the surround speaker mode). And, if they need to take a break from a music playlist to take a call, the LG TONE Studio features clear phone calls with up to 40 hours' worth of talk time. Complete charging time takes less than 2.5 hours.

Available now at AT&T stores nationwide for $229.00, the LG TONE STUDIO comes in silver and will be available in April at T-Mobile and Verizon stores nationwide.
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