Legacy Audio Introduces Legacy Foundation Subwoofer

March 6 2017, 03:00
Legacy Audio introduced its new Foundation subwoofer, using patented compound passive radiator technology and a pair of Legacy’s renowned long throw 12” woofers, supercharged with the latest ICEpower amplifier technology. The Legacy Foundation sub benefits from 30 amps of peak current, ultimately necessary to provide tight control to the 3 inch voice-coil within the massive 30lb magnetic structure of each woofer.

The new Legacy Foundation dynamic dual subwoofer system, features mutually coupled spun aluminum diaphragm 12" woofers with a 480oz motor structure, cast frame, 3” dual 4 layer voice coil, and 2” peak to peak excursion. These are pneumatically loaded and are complemented with two 12” patented symmetrically loaded audio passive system radiators, 4” peak to peak - one in the back and another mounted on the base. The low frequency alignment is electrically assisted 6th order, and response starts at 16Hz, all the way to 120 Hz.

The subwoofer uses a 1000 Watts Class D ICEpower internal amplifier, reaching an SPL of 123 dB @ 1m with 10k Ohms impedance. Inputs include a dedicated sub/LFE connector, L/R RCA's and a balanced XLR. The connection panel also includes level control, crossover frequency from 40-120Hz with a 18 dB per octave low pass filter slope, blend EQ (+/- 12dB @ 45Hz), plus phase adjustment (+/-180).

A combination which Legacy Audio promises will deliver incredible attack with ultra-low distortion and world class definition while utilizing only 1.5 square feet of floor space, and a musical performance previously unattainable at this price level. The Legacy Foundation subwoofer is now shipping with an introductory MSRP of $3,850 in standard finishes, and is available in a wide variety of finish options, including glaring natural wood.

Since 1983, Legacy Audio has established reference level performance home audio speakers and professional audio studio reference monitors. Designed and handcrafted in Illinois with the same rigorous quality standards for all its products, Legacy Audio's speakers are renowned for its quality in any application and come with a 7 year performance guarantee.
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