Lavoce Italiana Expands Presence in The Americas

December 23 2019, 00:10
Lavoce Italiana announced the appointment of Tom James as the company's new Business Development Manager for The Americas. The appointment follows a period of significant expansion, including the release of multiple high-quality drivers to the company's already comprehensive transducer catalog. Tom’s practical experience includes over 30 years in positions conducting loudspeaker development, enabling Lavoce to reinforce its contacts with strategic OEM and distribution partners in the region.

Going from strength to strength, Lavoce Italiana continues to expand its product portfolio available to the audio industry, while reinforcing its engineering and business development team to consolidate its worldwide presence. Lavoce designs and manufactures industry leading HF and LF transducers for professional audio and MI manufacturers and distributors. Its R&D center is based in Potenza Picena, Italy, and all products are manufactured at their wholly owned modern Lavoce production facility in Jiashan, China.

As Kevin Shove, Lavoce's International Sales Director explains, "For more than thirty years, Tom has gained an excellent foundation for this role as a transducer/applications engineer and project manager, giving him an enviable network of contacts with existing and potential Lavoce customers in the region. Providing engineering solutions for customers has been paramount in his previous positions and will be a key strength in developing Lavoce’s presence within their growing number of OEM and distribution partners in North and South America."

"Having a permanent Lavoce manager to support our strategy in this region is imperative and our management team welcome Tom into this critical and exciting new position for Lavoce. With his obvious transducer and solutions experience, he will very quickly be able to add value to the many OEM projects we have in progress with our pro audio partners and provide valuable support for existing and new distributors coming on board," he adds.

Tom James joins Lavoce following two years as Senior Engineer of Applications and Design at MISCO, where he was instrumental in the launching of the Bold North Audio brand, which expanded the Minneapolis speaker company in the high-end audio and studio monitor markets. Previously, he held engineering and product development positions with Eastech and Eminence, among others, after earning his BSEET with Audio Elective degree from Western Kentucky University in 1985.

Tom James commented, "I am truly honored to join such a dynamic proposition as Lavoce, especially as the product portfolio is really excellent across all categories and their engineering capability is world class, being well respected by many leading pro audio brands. The opportunities in The Americas are big for Lavoce, and I cannot wait to get out there."

Expansion in 2019
In 2019, Lavoce was one of the busiest driver manufacturers, implementing a significant expansion of the company's already extensive catalog. Among other products, Lavoce introduced next generation 1" and 1.4" exit compression drivers, new high performance 6.5", 8" and 10" ferrite magnet Midrange Drivers, and a new range of large voice coil, high power handling, 18" and 21" subwoofers.

In addition to the new LF products, the Lavoce R&D team in Italy, has passionately developed key technologies for high-performance products and applications, including an Ultra-Low Distortion Design used on the WAN102.50LD woofer, allowing to lower both harmonic and intermodulation distortion across all of its operating frequency band. This has been achieved by using electromagnetic and mechanical large signal simulation models to carefully study the physical mechanism of distortion generation in LF and also HF drivers.
The latest Lavoce WAN102.50LD 10” neodymium woofer featuring Ultra-Low Distortion Design, allows a higher maximum SPL with lower distortion.

On the HF range, the company's patented ‘Integral Input Surface’ phase plug technology is a simple solution to address misalignment imperfections typically found in traditional compression driver phase plug assemblies, which can cause severe degradation of sound quality and significant variations of phase plug performance. Found in all Lavoce 1.4" and 2" exit compression drivers, this technology incorporates a smooth integral input surface part to eradicate any misalignment issues in this critical high pressure area. As Lavoce explains, "together with this improved assembly topology, production batches are fully compliant to performance requirements, resulting in more consistent and accurate devices, at no extra cost."

Lavoce Italiana will of course be at NAMM 2020, this year with a  larger booth in ACC North Level 2 #18715.
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