KRK Systems Invents Speaker Grilles Add-on Cross-Selling Concept

March 31 2020, 01:10
KRK Systems introduced a completely new and revolutionary concept for the speaker industry. While speaker grilles have long been used by manufacturers as a way to protect the drivers, the truth is many users remove them immediately mainly for aesthetic reasons. That's the reason some brands don't even bother including grilles in the first place. KRK probably hired a new marketing exec that looked at the brand's latest ROKIT G4 range of active monitors and thinks "what if we would sell optional add-on grilles"?

Enter the new ROKIT G4 Studio Monitor Grille Covers, providing a protective shield and sleek aesthetic for the latest full range of powered near-field studio monitors from KRK Systems. Made specifically for the 5-, 7- and 8-inch ROKIT G4s, these grille covers are comprised of "premium components and built to spec, ensuring a seamless integration into the monitor’s cabinetry system." Translation: they are available in durable steel, in the same color finish of the speakers, and are easy to fit (no glue required).

"We deeply respect the time and effort that our customers put into their music, and KRK ROKIT G4 Studio monitors are an investment into that dedication," says Jimmy R. Landry, Global Director of Marketing, Pro Audio Division, Gibson Brands, Inc. “With the addition of grille covers to the ROKIT G4 line, users can now protect their investment in style. Whether you’re a producer on the move creating tracks in different places or a touring DJ out on the road, ROKIT G4 Grilles Covers will have your speakers protected."

Constructed with top-grade 22-gauge powder-coated perforated steel, these durably crafted grilles are the defense mechanism in place to protect the high-quality drivers, KRK explains. Super high-strength magnets manufactured with alloy metal ensure that the grille covers stay in place — protecting the ROKIT G4s in any environment. The form factor of these monitor accessories has not only been tested for solid protection from environmental factors, but also to ensure that frequencies are not hindered by their use.

audioXpress recommends that owners of these monitors that decide to fit the optional grills affix that message on top of the DAW screen: "Frequencies are not hindered by the use of speaker grilles". We're not so sure about the effects of the "Super high-strength magnets," though.  So check if these grilles come with a warranty extension included in the price.

Anyway, after you buy them and try it on, you can always do like everyone else, and remove the grilles because of "aesthetic" reasons. Because now you can.
KRK had the coolest display at NAMM 2020, just outside the Gibson experience hall. But no grilles then...
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