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June 17 2013, 13:01

Photo 1: Audinate enhanced its Dante Virtual Soundcard software.

Virtual Soundcard Gets An Update

Audinate recently improved its Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) software for Windows. The DVS software enables your PC or Mac to connect your favorite audio application directly to a Dante audio network. DVS uses your computer’s standard Ethernet port on your computer to communicate with a network of other Dante-enabled devices—no special hardware is required.

With the new Windows Driver Model (WDM) mode in V3.2.0, DVS for Windows now adds support for applications including iTunes, Windows Media Player, Skype, and more. PC users can play or record audio from these applications with professional sound quality.

Additional features include: a choice of 64 × 64 ASIO or 8 × 8 WDM mode (it presents as four stereo Windows WDM soundcards), a choice of 44.1- or 48-kHz sample rate in WDM mode, Windows 8 32- and 64-bit support, integrated online help, and clock performance improvements. DVS V.3.2.0 is a free upgrade for current licensees.

Download the Dante Virtual Soundcard V3.2.0 for Windows at www.audinate.com/DanteVirtualSoundcard.

E-Series A/V Receivers Make Entertainment More Accessible

Denon Electronics, a manufacturer of premium home and personal audio products, has launched its E-Series A/V receivers, including the AVR-E400 7.1 Channel Network Home Theater Receiver (SRP: $599), the AVR-E300 5.1 Channel Network Home Theater Receiver (SRP: $399), and the AVR-E200 5.1 Channel Home Theater Receiver (SRP: $249). All three A/V receivers provide new levels of user friendliness, cutting-edge performance benefits, and home entertainment solutions. The AVR-E400 and the AVR-E300 feature Apple’s AirPlay, enabling users to stream their iTunes music from a Mac or a PC, and stream music stored on their iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Photo 2: The Denon Remote App enables users to control their multimedia experience.

The AVR-E400 and the AVR-E300 add even more network functionality, enabling users to enjoy music from sources such as Pandora, SiriusXM, vTuner, and Spotify, and view photos via Flickr. The AVR-E400 and the AVR-E300 are also compatible with the Denon Remote App, so users can control almost every aspect of their multimedia experience, including browsing Internet radio and files on a media server, playlist creation, volume, input selection, surround-sound modes, and menu navigation

The new AVR-E400 7.1 receiver provides a surround-sound performance with advanced networking technology and total user flexibility. For example, users can configure the AVR-E400 for a full 7.1-channel system or have a 5.1-channel system in their main room and connect a pair of stereo speakers located in another room. For total system connectivity, the AVR-E400 is equipped with six high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) inputs including five on the rear panel along with one on the front panel, which enables users to connect an HDMI-equipped camcorder, game console, or other portable multimedia device.

Denon’s new AVR-E300 receiver is rated at a maximum of 175 W for each of its five channels and it is equipped with five HDMI inputs including four on the rear panel along with one on the front panel.

The Denon AVR-E200 has a maximum 165-W rating for each of its five channels. The affordable, entry-level AVR-E200 A/V receiver delivers 5.1-channel surround, featuring the latest Dolby and DTS high-definition surround-sound decoding. The HDMI 5.1 receiver also features Denon’s Quick Select function, which provides four buttons on the front panel and on the remote control.

Users can also customize the audio parameters for each source with their preferred sound setting. The AVR-E200 is equipped with four HDMI inputs, including three on the rear panel and one on the front panel. For more information, visit Denon’s website, http://usa.denon.com.

Digi-Key Signs Agreement With GeneSiC

Digi-Key, a global electronic components distributor recognized by design engineers as having the industry’s largest selection of electronic components available for immediate shipment, announced an agreement to distribute GeneSiC Semiconductor’s silicon-carbide technologies.

Founded in 2004, GeneSiC Semiconductor is a leader in silicon-carbide (SiC) technology. Its products play a key role in conserving energy in numerous high-power systems, running faster, cooler, and more efficiently. This efficiency makes the SiC products ideal for increasing efficiency in energy-harvesting applications.

GeneSiC has the largest commercial SiC diodes portfolio, offering a SiC switch. The super junction transistor (SJT) is expected to revolutionize insulated-gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and field-effect transistor (FET) designs for engineers who want higher performance. While others have abandoned the silicon, high-voltage rectifier product market, GeneSiC Semiconductor has been investing in new products. GeneSiC Semiconductor’s products are available for purchase at Digi-Key’s website, www.digikey.com. aX

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