Audiofly adds quad balanced armature AF180 in-ear monitor to its Performance Series

January 31 2014, 00:00
Australian company Audiofly launched the AF180 In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) with four expertly tuned balanced armature drivers and new crossover circuitry.

Audiofly AF180 In-Ear Monitor

As Dave Thompson, CEO of Audiofly, explains, “We pride ourselves on the detailed reproduction of music and with the new AF180 we have pushed the boundary of in-ear audio technology. The AF180 features four balanced armature drivers geared to deliver ultimate separation in sound at an affordable price to all musicians within the pro audio market. Audiofly listened to user feedback and included the most requested in-ear monitor features: noise isolation; long-term comfort; on the road durability; and most importantly, incredible sound reproduction. We have given musicians an essential tool to help master their craft, and music aficionados the chance to experience music like never before”.

Featuring a quartet of balanced armature drivers in each ear, the AF180 is equipped with a comfortable, noise isolating fit and a choice of ear tips for long term listening comfort. The Audioflex SL cable is geared for stage use with a super light twisted cable near the performer's head and durable Cordura fabric reinforcing the remainder of its length. The cable is detachable via Audiofly’s Soundpatch connection, with a streamlined finish and practical, lightweight design. Suggested MSRP is $549.95 USD.

What is a Balanced Armature?
Compared to a dynamic driver that moves air to create sound, a balanced armature increases the efficiency of the in-ear monitor by producing more sound from less power than any other type of driver. The armature sits exactly centered within a magnetic field so there is no force on the armature, thus the term ‘balanced’.

The armature coil is held in the middle by two magnets until an electrical current stimulates it, causing the diaphragm to vibrate and create a sound wave. The sound wave then travels through the sound port of the driver, through the in-ear monitor into the eardrum for you to hear the accuracy and warmth of detailed sound. Balanced armatures can be tuned to focus on the highs, mids or lows or to reproduce the entire sound spectrum.
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