IsoAcoustics Debuts ISO-PUCK Discreet Acoustic Isolators at NAMM 2017

January 17 2017, 04:00
During NAMM 2017, IsoAcoustics will debut the new ISO-PUCK, the company’s new low-profile, highly flexible and scalable, round model of acoustic isolators designed especially for pro audio speakers and subwoofers as well as musical instrument amplifiers. Exploring the same patented technology used in IsoAcoustics stands and the recently introduced GAIA speaker isolation feet, the new ISO-Puck system introduces a new level of positioning flexibility and affordability.

IsoAcoustics' ISO-PUCK is designed to isolate speakers and amplifiers in a highly discrete manner, having an extremely low profile, with a height of only 1.18 inches (3cm/30mm) (down to just under an inch (2.5cm/25mm) when in use.) Just 2.3 inches (6cm/60mm) in diameter, the ISO-PUCK’s round shape makes it flexible enough to be ideally positioned on any surface, including the narrow spaces atop a meter bridge.

ISO-PUCKs are highly scalable, designed to be used in multiples to match the weight of each speaker or amplifier. With a weight bearing capability of 20lbs. for each puck, 3 or 4 of them can be combined to support the weight of the particular product requiring isolation. Repositioning is also simplified with the rounded ISO-PUCK, with the IsoAcoustics logo defining the front of the unit, allowing them to be configured and turned easily to suit the supporting surface. 

The multipart isolation construction of the ISO-PUCK allows it to move to isolate and manage the energy, using the same patented IsoAcoustics concepts as other acclaimed IsoAcoustics products. ISO-PUCK features a flange suction cup on the top which adheres to the speaker or top surface, as well as a bottom suction cup flange which adheres to the supporting surface, with a sliver ring around the bottom of the isolator to maintain shape. The energy is transferred to the core of the multipart isolator in between – resisting lateral movement and offering superior isolation – resulting in markedly improved clarity, 3-dimensional openness, and uncolored sound.

“IsoAcoustics is very pleased to debut the new ISO-PUCK, where we have taken our patented approach to managing energy and isolation and created a smaller, low-profile package with a round shape that can be positioned to suit a variety of surfaces,” says IsoAcoustics’ CEO Dave Morrison. “We are very proud to offer products like the ISO-PUCK which unleash superior clarity and performance. And you know how Canadians love pucks.”

The ISO-PUCK will be available at the end of Q1, 2017.
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