Io Audio Technologies Offers Safer Speaker Connections with New Speakerlatch Connectors

August 13 2020, 00:20
Io Audio Technologies expanded their “Latch” family of connectors with the introduction of the Speakerlatch audio cable and chassis connectors. The “Latch” family of connectors is known for its robust locking mechanism which virtually eliminates the possibility of accidental unplugging. The new Speakerlatch connectors bring that ruggedness and dependability to speaker level connections. The connector’s UL approval makes these an obvious choice for any integration project.

The Speakerlatch cable connector features a "twist-to-lock" motion to provide the safest connection for speaker level signals and to eliminate the possibility of accidentally unplugging by foot traffic or constant motion. Additionally, the hidden contact design ensures the user doesn’t inadvertently touch energized parts. These cable connectors also feature distinct keying patterns that prevent the user from connecting a speaker level line to an AC main power line. These connectors can be put together using only a screwdriver which makes assembly and on-site termination a breeze. 

“We designed these connectors to feature an ergonomic pull latch which makes connecting and disconnecting easier on your hands”, says Randy Rivero, VP of Technology.

The Speakerlatch panel mount connector replaces binding posts or 1/4" speaker connections when a more rugged solution is necessary or desired. The panel mount connector features flat tab termination with insulated dividers to prevent arcing and shorting. They feature the same keying and “twist-to-lock” design as the cable connectors.

Both the cable connector and panel mount connector feature black fiberglass reinforced plastic housing that also provides the connectors with substantial UV resistance. Additionally, the four contact connector design is perfect for stage productions when it is necessary to power two speakers in full range or a single speaker in a bi-amp configuration.

Io Audio Technologies, a division of Knight Electronics based in Dallas, TX, designs, develops and manufactures a broad line of AVL equipment. An ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer, Io Audio Technologies leverages extensive experience in the live sound industry to deliver high-quality audio cables, connectors, and accessories for musicians and audio professionals alike.
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