inMusic Brands Expands Market Reach with Acquisition of ArKaos

October 29 2020, 01:05
Florida-based inMusic Brands, the music technology hardware and software company founded by Jack O'Donnell, which already owns some of the most powerful brands in the DJ, Music Production and Musical Instrument industries, announced the acquisition of Belgium company ArKaos, the world's reference in VJ software and the pioneer in combining light, video and LED in a single visual server and control software solution. ArKaos is also the company who introduced the Kling-Net protocol, a global de-fact standard for lighting control and Remote Device Management (RDM).

Founded in 1996, ArKaos specializes in video processing technologies, including software and hardware for projects like architectural installations, LED applications, broadcast and live events. The company started by developing dedicated real-time visual processing technologies for the most innovative live shows and artists like Jean-Michelle Jarre, and quickly evolved with the emergence of media servers and LED structures used in all sorts of multimedia shows, television and installations.

While other companies have competed in the same space, some more focused on professional media server hardware and others in control solutions, ArKaos quickly outrun all competition when it launched a fully-featured visual VJ software for Windows and Mac, becoming the standard programming and control tool for a whole new generation of creative artists and creating a much wider market. ArKaos is now focused on state-of-the-art visual technology software, which includes a dedicated video solution for DJs/VJs, with software like Grand VJ, while MediaMaster leads the pro entertainment industry with powerful software and hardware.

ArKaos will now join inMusic’s other brands like SoundSwitch, a software platform acquired in 2018, that automatically synchronizes music played by a DJ or live band with DMX capable light fixtures.

inMusic is now the holding company that owns all leading music technology and DJ brands in the world. Jack O’Donnell, once worked at Stanton Magnetics and left the company to acquire Numark Electronics, one of the earliest DJ equipment manufacturers. Later his company acquired Alesis, Akai and M-Audio, gaining a very strong foothold in the music creation (home studio) and DJ world. The acquisition of Denon DJ, Denon Professional and Marantz Professional from D&M Holdings, in 2014, was followed by the acquisition of Rane Corporation in 2016, and finally Stanton from Gibson Brands, already in April 2020. This makes inMusic the owner of virtually all the most popular brands of DJ technology, reinforced with a series of software-centric investments like AIR Music Technology, or lighting companies like MARQ Lighting.

According to the inMusic announcement, the founder and CEO or ArKaos, Marco Hinic, will leave, while the company's entire engineering department will now become part of inMusic’s R&D family, bringing specialized knowledge and expertise to be supported by the resources and IP of the entire inMusic group.

"inMusic continually redefines the landscape for Music, DJ and Visual Technology. With ArKaos joining the home of the world’s premier technology brands, inMusic’s ground-breaking advancements in engineering, design and technology guarantees to put ArKaos at the forefront of their industry, and closely integrating them with our other brands will provide consumers an all-encompassing experience," states Jack O’Donnell, CEO of inMusic.

"We have successfully closed the acquisition of ArKaos. We are very excited and happy about this new chapter. The integration to inMusic Brands creates an amazing perspective for ArKaos to continue to develop and meet with our customers’ expectations," adds Agnes Wojewoda, the now outgoing MD and co-founder of ArKaos.

The question mark around this acquisition pertains to Jack O'Donnells ambitions in the professional segments, where ArKaos was present, and specifically about the future of the Kling-Net protocol, which is one of the most commonly used lighting control, LED mapping, and Remote Device Management (RDM) protocols used everywhere from TV shows to architectural installations. The ArKaos product ecosystem allows for flexible control of lighting and video, in one easy-to-use comprehensive tool, and is present in every major market sector and industry. |
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