ICEpower Announces Its Most Powerful Amplifier Module to Date

April 24 2018, 03:00
ICEpower’s latest amplifier power module, the 1200AS, was designed for live sound and concerts and the Danish company confirms this is their most powerful audio module to date. Based on ICEpower's recent ICEedge class D chip set, the new ICEPower 1200AS incorporates the latest technologies enabling superior sound quality and an ultra-low noise floor (less than 30 μV – 130dB Signal to Noise Ratio). The extremely high audio quality also makes it a superior high-end audio amplifier for demanding consumer applications.

According to ICEpower, the 1200AS exists in two versions: The 1200AS1 with a single channel amplifier and the 1200AS2 with a dual channel amplifier, both channels capable of 1200W into 4Ω and 1400W into 3Ω. The 1200AS1 and 1200AS2 amp modules are designed specifically for high performance PA speakers, line arrays and professional single/dual subwoofers offering higher power in a more compact package than previously available. The core 1200AS amplifier power module combines an amplifier based on ICEpower’s revolutionary Class D ICEedge technology, with a brand new universal mains switch mode power supply with PFC. This includes ErP and Energy Star compliant standby functionality, regulated auxiliary power supplies, wake on signal sense and a DC-bus output. 

ICEpower's proprietary technologies ensure crisp, clear and delicate audio reproduction with a tightly controlled bass response. The use of a regulated power supply topology ensures consistent power performance globally across both low and high mains. Reliability has also been a key focus in the 1200AS development. This has been achieved through careful design, use of brand-name components, meticulous testing and burn-in in mass production. Like all other ICEpower products, the 1200AS modules goes through a comprehensive functional test before delivery to market.

"At ICEpower we believe in the power of music. We love live music and we spend a lot of time at concerts. We have long felt a desire to improve the status quo in live music and take it to the next level. As transducer technology evolves, new speakers are capable of increasingly higher power handling. Increasing the power to the speaker enables higher SPL output and extended low frequency bass output in cabinets that are lighter and more compact than ever before. Developments in compression driver technology has seen sensitivity increase. Highly efficient and sensitive compression drivers mean that everything going into the compression driver is heard. This requires ultra low noise power amplifiers to achieve optimum sound quality without audible speaker “hiss”.

"These developments in speaker technology require amplifiers not only with higher voltage and power, but also lower noise and distortion. When developing our new solution for live sound, we therefore set out to create the most powerful amplifier to date,  while at the same time minimizing noise and distortion. We are therefore extremely proud to announce our new 1200AS – our gift to music lovers and concert goers everywhere. It is the latest and most powerful member of ICEpower’s AS series and it is now in stock and ready for purchase."

But another key factor in the introduction of the 1200AS amplifier power module is its low cost. The 1200AS was developed with a focus on maximizing power, performance and versatility, all without increasing the price of the module. According to ICEpower’s Mads Emil Solgaard, Director of Sales and Marketing: “In an increasingly competitive, fast paced world, cost and time to market is becoming ever more important for manufacturers of audio products. In order to provide our customers with a competitive edge, the 1200AS power module has been designed with attention to cost through the entire product life cycle. For example, to speed up time to market and reduce the product development cost of manufacturers, we have added all system and housekeeping functions onto the 1200AS module. This means, that they don’t need to spend time and money developing them on their own. The built in Universal Mains power supply also eliminates the need to stock both 115V and 230V versions, thereby halving the necessary stock and saving money. It is our experience that the 1200AS power module is capable of beating competing solutions - not only on performance, but also on price.”

Samples of the 1200AS module are now available. Orders can be placed now.
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