High End Munich 2020 Show Also Cancelled Due to Spread of Coronavirus

February 28 2020, 12:10
The High End 2020 trade show, planned for May 14 to 17, 2020 in Munich has been cancelled due to the current worsening trend with respect to the spread of the novel coronavirus. Even with registrations for the annual Munich show once again exceeding expectations and the whole MOC exhibition center booked solid, the High End Society was forced to make the announcement, due to ongoing pressure from several of the exhibitors who fear asking their own employees to travel under the circumstances.

“This decision was reached by the High End Society Service GmbH upon consideration of all criteria in close cooperation with the Board of the High End Society e.V. Given that in addition to the countries affected in Asia, infections in Italy have rapidly increased within a few days, it is unclear how the virus will continue to spread in Europe. That is why as organizers of an international trade show, we consider it our responsibility to act in a timely manner”, explains Stefan Dreischärf, Managing Director of High End Society  Service GmbH. 

As the promoters announcement also states, if on the one hand this move seeks to safeguard the health of all stakeholders, on the other hand, the need to work towards averting possible economic losses of the exhibitors was also a major consideration. “We naturally regret having to take this step,” says Dreischärf. “But we take our duty of care towards our exhibitors, visitors and employees very seriously.” 

Since the rapid spread of the virus in China in mid-January, the organizer of the world‘s largest hi-fi trade show has been weighing the possible consequences for the exhibition planned in May. Each day, the situation was re-assessed by monitoring not only the global spread of the coronavirus but also the international trade show and exhibition scene. At the beginning of February, the High End Society Service GmbH already offered Chinese exhibitors options for withdrawing from their participation in this year’s hi-fi show. 

Over the past few weeks, the organizer increasingly received inquiries from other companies as to whether the strained situation would have an impact on the High End 2020. Some 500 trade visitors from 40 countries had registered for the High End 2020, which as an internationally renowned audio trade show has been an unparalleled sounding board for first-rate sound reproduction for four decades. 

“You will be informed on the latest news concerning the cancellation. Trade visitors and end users who have already purchased a ticket for the HIGH END 2020 will naturally receive a refund.”

audioXpress will also follow the situation with online updates on this story.
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