Futuresource Looks at Consumers Engagement with Audio Hardware & Content

June 25 2019, 01:10
Futuresource Consulting announced a brand new consumer market research program – Living with Audio: Consumer Engagement with Audio Hardware and Content. This new service from the market research firm provides an in-depth look at how consumers are engaging with home devices, headphones, smart speakers and audio content. The research answers questions around how many and what devices consumers own in their household, how they are currently using the devices and how often.

Furthermore, the survey will also provide understanding as to how consumers are using their smart speakers, what their future purchasing decisions might be and what features they are looking for in their next smart speaker. Looking at the headphones category, which continues to grow, especially true wireless headphones, Futuresource investigates what is drawing consumers to this new category, are they using voice control features and what features will help influence their next purchase? Lastly, with all these devices, content still plays a major role. The research depicts how often consumers are listening to music, how they are listening to it and when.

"This global multi-client consumer research study provides invaluable insights into the wants, needs, behavior and profile of the audio consumer," Futuresource explains. "It also helps companies to understand the opportunities available and identify the industry players and partners who are well positioned to maximize the potential in this growth market. 

Topics to be addressed in the new research program include: 
- Demographic profiles of key audio consumer types 
- Audio device ownership
- Key and preferred playout device for use in the home
- Planned audio device purchases and reasons why?
- Key feature sets demanded for next purchase decisions, such as headphones and smart speaker devices
- Importance and usage of voice assistants and platforms
- Usage and attitudes towards smart speakers with screens
- TV Audio device preferences and behavior (soundbars, home theater systems and TV Headphones)
- Type and hours of audio content consumed
- Preferred genres of music, audio books and podcasts
- When and where is most audio content consumed and by type of content
- Radio listening behavior
- Music streaming services subscribed
- Reasons why users subscribe to service of choice and switching considerations

The new report is complemented by Futuresource's established "Living With Digital Consumer Research Program," an in-depth consumer questionnaire relating to how, what and where consumers are viewing and spending, in particular relating to shifts in home video spending and consumption; and the popular "Home Audio & Headphones Quarterly Tracking Service," a quarterly, granular market tracking service detail for Home Audio & Headphones market categories.
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