Funktion-One Launches its Smallest Ever Loudspeakers at ISE 2020

February 13 2020, 00:20
British speaker manufacturer Funktion-One decided to return to the ISE show for the first time since 2014. And the reason why it did so, was to launch two compact loudspeaker models – the F5 speaker and the SB8 bass unit –  designed for the installation market. According to Funktion-One founder, Tony Andrews, “though the F5 and SB8 are small in size, they are capable of the high-performance standards that we demand from all of our loudspeaker innovations.”

As Tony Andrews describes, “the Funktion-One F5 offers an extremely balanced and natural sound quality that’s not often found in loudspeakers of its size. The F5’s ultra compact dimensions and high output mean it is suited to a wide range of applications, including distributed public address systems, bars and restaurants, as well as domestic applications, such as home cinemas, desktop monitoring and home music systems.”

The F5 features a Funktion-One bespoke wide-range, high-sensitivity 5” driver, an integrated high pass filter for low frequency protection, angled cabinet design for desktop use and a 3/8” microphone stand mount.

The Funktion-One SB8 is an extremely compact, yet powerful and convincing bass unit, perfect for applications where a conventionally sized subwoofer is too large or obtrusive, such as in bars, restaurants, retail and galleries, as well as domestic applications. 

The dynamic and musical SB8 features a high-sensitivity 8” bass driver and requires no EQ or controller, only crossover filters. During the press conference at ISE 2020, Funktion-One confirmed  that a self-powered version of the SB8 will be available soon.

These new compact speakers expand the Funktion-One line-up addressing the installation market, together with Vero VX, Evo Series and bass options.
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