Focal Unveils New 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 Outdoor Loudspeakers

November 7 2018, 00:55
Globally recognized for high fidelity products, Focal has been expanding its range of products for installation and now announced two new outdoor speaker models to complete its 100 Series Integration Collection. The two now models - the 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 - are water resistant loudspeakers offering very high quality sound reproduction, in a format ideal for a backyard, terrace or garden.

Focal has successfully succeeded in delivering robust loudspeakers that stand up to all weather conditions. The new Focal 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 outdoor loudspeakers guarantee durable and weather-resistance by featuring a high-density, UV-treated Polypropylene damping cabinet, and are IP66 certified for its watertight and dust-proof qualities. The 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 are the first Focal products to obtain this certification.

The 100 OD6 and 100 OD8 are each equipped with a reinforced, notched assembly bracket made from solid, anti-rust aluminum, and offer the option to rotate the loudspeakers 180 degrees for variable sound diffusion. As a result, the product is easier to install and position, either vertically or horizontally depending on preference and layout of the outdoor space. To satisfy every taste, the grille and cabinet are available in black or white ready-to-paint finish.

Just like the other models in the 100 Series range, the new loudspeakers use Focal technologies like an aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a treated bass/midrange speaker driver - 6.5" (16.5cm) in the OD6, and 8" (21cm) in the larger OD8 model - with waterproof polypropylene cone and Polyglass treatment. The fixed front aluminum grille features a rotating logo to match the vertical or horizontal installation and the push spring terminals are complemented with silicone protection.

This is a new expansion area for the company. For more than 35 years, Focal has been recognized on the global stage for its high-fidelity products. The French company based in Saint-Étienne (Loire department) designs and manufactures speaker drivers, home audio and multimedia loudspeakers, car audio systems, monitoring loudspeakers and headphones, owning multiple exclusive and patented acoustic technologies.
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