Focal Expands Integration Speaker Series and Launches New Entry-Level 100 Series

February 6 2018, 09:00
2018 sees the launch of two new important built-in speaker ranges from Focal, with the introduction of the all new entry-level 100 Series and additional products added to the mid-priced 300 Series, focused on audio performance. With both series offering a wide array of in-wall/in-ceiling models, stereo, AV and ambient music applications are catered for, with each model conforming faithfully to Focal’s signature sound.

Integration has become an important area of development for Focal, and is steadily gaining amplitude in its overall loudspeaker range. This is a natural expansion into a market where all Focal’s brand values are totally legitimate. Thanks to the acoustic qualities of both ranges, the integration line is aimed mainly at the home audio market, thanks to the discreet and compact design. Each speaker driver combines Focal technologies and acoustic expertise to offer very high levels of performance at competitive prices.

The new Integration line evolves around three key notions in order to meet every need and expectation through a small range of products:
• Suitable for every room in the house
• Suitable for rooms of different sizes
• Suitable for multiple uses (sound systems, Home Cinemas up to 320ft2/30m2...)

These new solutions integrate into the home with ultimate discretion. Featuring an impressively compact design, the speaker driver’s basket and chassis has been designed as a single unit. The 100 Series is equipped with Focal’s proven technologies inherited from 35 years of expertise, such as the Polyglass mid/bass driver cone and the aluminum inverted dome tweeter. All models are suitable for a wide-range of applications, including humid environments such as bathrooms.

The 300 Series range is made in France and features exclusive Focal technologies, such as the famous Flax cone and the aluminum-magnesium inverted dome tweeter, providing superior sound quality. They also provide a major advantage when it comes to installation, which has been greatly simplified with the EQI system (Easy Quick Install). Whether they’re used as in-ceiling or inwall loudspeakers, they require no tools to install, for an unrivalled ease and speed of installation. These new products also meet the most essential criteria regarding use and installation: frameless, adjustable tweeters,
magnetic grilles etc.

New 100 Series
The 100 Series is specifically designed for small to medium-sized rooms, and they cover the three main uses intended for Integration products:
• Loudspeaker systems (corridor, living room…)
• Stereo systems (bedroom, kitchen…)
• Home Cinemas (dedicated room, lounge…)
In this perspective, the 100 Series range is composed of three coaxial loudspeakers, all of which can be used as either in-wall or in ceiling loudspeakers (100 ICW5, 100 ICW6 and 100 ICW8), one coaxial in-ceiling stereo loudspeaker (100 IC6ST), one in-ceiling loudspeaker (100 IC LCR5) and two products specifically intended for in wall use (100 IW6, 100 IWLCR5).

To meet Focal’s strict requirement of performance, the 100 Series range is equipped with a new, more compact and less directive aluminum inverted dome tweeter and a new Polyglass cone speaker driver. The 'in-ceiling' loudspeakers are equipped with a new crossover with an innovative architecture which improves off axis listening while also significantly reducing the undesired 'bathroom effect' often encountered with this type of product.

By offering very compact products, thanks in particular to the unibody chassis, and to the round and square frameless grilles (only for the ICW5, ICW6, ICW8, IC6ST), the models of the 100 Series (ICW5, ICW6, ICW8, IC6ST, ICLCR5, IW6 and IWLCR5) will perfectly integrate interiors with utmost discretion. Another key feature is their ease of installation. Thanks to the very robust mounting brackets and the magnetic grilles, installation time is reduced to a minimum. The products in the 100 Series range also have a shallow mounting depth, which greatly facilitates installation.

The 100 ICW5, 100 ICW6, 100 ICW8 and 100 IC6ST loudspeakers are all equipped with a three-position high-frequency switch (-3dB, 0dB, + 3dB), for equalizing the treble according to the room’s acoustics. In addition to this feature, the 100 IW6 and the 100 IWLCR5 are equipped with an additional switch for equalizing the mid range register (-2 B, 0 dB, + 2 dB). The 100 ICLCR5 loudspeaker represents Focal’s will to offer the best performance for different kinds of use. A three-position switch is used to determine the function of the product (left, centre or right loudspeaker) to ensure an identical tonal balance at the listening point for the optimal Home Cinema set-up.

In a broader approach, all the products in the 100 Series can be used for enhancing classic Hi-Fi systems, particularly the loudspeakers in the Chorus 700 line, for those looking for a discreet, high quality Home Cinema system. Installation accessories (pre-mounting kit and fire rated back box) are also available and are sold separately.

300 Series for Performance
In the middle of the range, the 300 Series (ICW4, ICW6, ICW8) has been joined by three new models (IW6, IWLCR6, ICLCR5). This makes it the ideal range for meeting all the expectations of home audio systems, especially for complete audio-video systems. Users and installers will now find a dedicated product offering suitable for every room of the house (even for residential Home Cinemas measuring 160-320ft2/15 to 30m2), for complete A/V systems and entirely built-in systems or even for combining traditional loudspeakers with in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers. 

The 300 Series is entirely made in France and is extremely consistent, by covering all the needs and uses for installers; for in-wall or in-ceiling loudspeakers (ICW4, ICW6, ICW8 and IWLCR6) and complete audio/video systems (IWLCR6 and ICLCR5).

The new models all feature Flax cone woofers to deliver perfect acoustics, and a fully adjustable tweeter with an aluminum/magnesium inverted dome. Great attention was also paid to the optimization of the phase in order to achieve perfect sound reproduction regardless of the listening point in the room. This makes it possible to install a system which respects the interior decor by preserving the surfaces (ceilings and walls).

This line is perfectly suitable for modern living trends in very open-plan spaces, without any nearby rear wall. Just like the 100 Series, the products in the 300 Series offer very high power handling as well as heat protection to ensure perfect reliability in a totally safe environment.

The 300 ICLCR5 is equipped with a left/centre/right channel selector to mechanically direct the sound towards the listening point, making it perfect for Home Cinemas. For in-ceiling loudspeakers, the dedicated 300 CLCR5 is equipped with an adjustable tweeter housing for directing sound towards the listening point with precision. The tweeter level is also adjustable so that it can be set according to the room’s acoustics, and the upper mid-range can also be adjusted.

The flagship product of the range is the IWLCR6, which is ideal for building an exceptional Home Cinema set-up. The mid-range/tweeter section which can be rotated by 90° for use as a left, centre or right loudspeaker. This guarantees exceptional sound quality, a very high SPL and really deep bass.

Ease of installation, something which made the first products in the line so successful, is still a key quality of these three new loudspeakers, with the patented EQI system (Easy Quick Install). They can be installed without tools thanks to the mounting bracket system, which automatically attaches the loudspeaker to the support, ensuring the system’s ridged mounting and total reliability. Installation accessories (pre-mounting kit and fire rated back box) are also available for this series and are sold separately.

Besides the launch of the entry-level 100 Series and the mid-range 300 Series, Electra is keeping its flagship range position. Other additional products (outdoor, subwoofer and amplifier) will be added to this line in the coming months. Accessories required for installation (pre-mounting kit and fire barrier box) are already available.

Focal confirms that availability for the new 100 Series is expected already for February, 2018, while the 300 Series expansion products will be available in May, 2018. The new outdoor, subwoofer and amplifier products will be available in Autumn 2018.
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