Fluent.ai Demonstrates Embedded Single Engine Multi-WakeWord and Speech Commands Recognition Solution for Micro-CPU Architectures

March 1 2019, 00:05
Fluent.ai, the speech recognition provider offering fully embeddable speech recognition solutions in any language, announced the release of its ultra low-power voice control solution for embedded platforms such as Cortex M4F processors. This breakthrough embedded speech recognition solution delivers, using a single engine, multiple wakewords in parallel and up to 50 multilingual commands with variable phrasing on a footprint equivalent to 50 MHz CPU, 128KB of RAM, and 550 KB of flash storage - a quantum leap over currently available software solutions.

The solution, demonstrated at MWC 2019, is a small footprint implementation that enables the proliferation of voice user interfaces in previously infeasible scenarios such as smart light switches capable of recognizing offline speech commands. Global OEMs and ODMs in the smart home, consumer electronics, smart toys, mobile devices, IoT, manufacturing and other industries can now enhance their own offerings and access new markets quickly with Fluent.ai's embedded, multilingual speech understanding systems. A video demo of Fluent.ai's embedded solution can be accessed here

Fluent.ai's partners are also extremely excited about this breakthrough. David Huang,  SVP of TCL TONLY Electronics Holdings Limited, a leading global ODM of audio-visual and smart home products, says the development is "a game-changing innovation for those requiring low latency, low footprint, offline voice command solutions. We are happy to partner with Fluent.ai to bring the next generation of products to our joint customers built on top of Fluent.ai's flexible software platform. This will accelerate the application of voice in smart home and IoT markets around the world."

Fluent.ai develops highly accurate and intuitive speech understanding solutions in a small footprint and low-latency package capable of running offline on small devices. Fluent.ai's unique and patented speech-to-intent approach provides faster, noise-robust speech recognition in any language. Fluent.ai's solutions enable consumer electronic device manufacturers and OEMs to develop unique and differentiated voice user interface solutions for their devices.
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