Fluance’s Affordable RT80/81 Turntables are now Available

June 7 2016, 04:30
Vinyl’s comeback is already a serious phenomenon. With new turntables available from the most established brands, many other manufacturers are now offering affordable solutions, targeting value-conscious consumers. Fluance, the direct-sales hi-fi brand from Niagara Falls, Ontario, announced the availability of its first turntables, the RT80 and RT81, combining traditional aesthetics with decent quality.

Looking to make a splash in the turntable market after years of producing audio and home theater products, Fluance now released two new turntables. According to the company, the RT80 and RT81 have been meticulously engineered to deliver true high fidelity sound, while also standing out as an elegantly designed showpiece. Both turntables are beautifully crafted with an audio-grade MDF wood cabinet, which incorporates isolation feet and an aluminum platter.

The RT80 incorporates an AT91 Audio-Technica stylus and features a lightweight MDF wood cabinet design. The slightly more advanced RT81 model features an AT95E Audio-Technica stylus and is built with a fully solid body cabinet to further eliminate vibrations. Both models are belt driven and feature a balanced aluminum S-Type tonearm, with an advanced anti-skating system. Additional components include a high-quality Texas Instruments preamp, ground terminal and gold plated RCA line outputs.

Fluance combined its extensive experience in audio engineering and design to create its first turntables with affordable prices. The RT80 and RT81 are available now at Fluance.com for $199.99 and $249.99, respectively, and are currently shipping to backers from their successful Kickstarter campaign.
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