TEAC New TN-420 Turntable Delivers Modern Performance and "Summer of Love" Style

October 3 2017, 03:10
TEAC just announced the release of its colorful, 1960s-flavored psychedelic, new TN-420 turntable. Devoted vinyl collectors and anyone in need of a new turntable to celebrate the vinyl revival, will appreciate the TN-420's bright, tie-dyed hydrographic finish, which the company says "is enough to put you on a natural high." But there's more to the TN-420 than just the looks. TEAC says this is really a top-quality, belt-drive turntable.

"The TN-420's high-torque, DC motor assembly and Neoprene-coated, high-inertia, aluminum die-cast platter with felt mat combine with a low-friction spindle that reduces platter drag, resulting in precise, consistent rotational speed and tonal accuracy. An anti-skating mechanism keeps the needle securely in the groove, whether you're rocking out to Zeppelin or dancing to the latest beats," states the company.

The TN-420 features 33 1/3 and 45 rpm operation and a static-balanced, S-shaped tone arm with universal head shell. The TN-420 comes with a pre-installed, replaceable Audio-Technica AT95E MM-equivalent, dual-magnet cartridge with a recommended tracking pressure of 2g.

A robust, high-density MDF plinth provides vibration isolation, resulting in rock solid performance, while floating construction, using decoupled feet, offers high feedback resistance. The knobs and rubber-tipped feet feature machined aluminum construction.

The TEAC TN-420's tie-dye appearance may conjure visions of the Summer of Love, and the new turntable delivers outstanding old-school analog performance, but it also offers the convenience of modern digital technology. On the analog side, the turntable sports a built-in phono EQ amplifier; switchable, gold-plated RCA phono/line outputs so users can play vinyl with or without the phono EQ; and gold-plated tone-arm contacts. Power is supplied by an included AC adapter.

"A lot of great music emerged during the '60s but technology has come a long way since then, with TEAC often leading the way. The TN-420 features integrated, 16-bit, 48 kHz, Texas Instruments analog-to-digital converters and a USB Type B port for easy archiving of your vinyl collection to a computer. This combination of analog and digital technology and eye-catching style makes the TN-420 a unique turntable that will impress sonically and visually."
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