ELWN Fit Earbuds Truly Wireless Hybrid Concept Lasts Longer

July 13 2016, 03:10
Multiple concepts of truly wireless earbuds were introduced to the market, all struggling with the same battery dilemma, independently of the level of features. Increasing battery capacity also increases size and weight, which in turn affects user’s comfort and fit. ELWN Fit Truly Wireless earbuds launched on Kickstarter with an interesting hybrid wireless concept to answer the question: “How can I work, play, and live my indoor/outdoor lifestyle without a thought about charging or adjusting my earbuds?” 

ELWN Earbuds tackle the fit and battery life problems with its new hybrid approach to personal audio, combining technology and design into a product that addresses different usage profiles. As the company explains, “At ELWN, we know that no two ears are alike. We also know that battery and fit are the biggest issues for users today.” Designed with an array of fit options and truly wireless technology, contained in a stylish all-weather design, ELWN’s solution can be used as truly wireless earbuds during fitness activities or commuting, while also allowing longer music listening and working sessions when combined with the plug-in Infinity Band wearable charger.

Since ELWN earbuds are truly wireless, they run on a battery. However, with the patent pending Infinity Band charger, users are freed from the need to constantly removing the earbuds to re-charge. The Infinity Band allows charging the earbud’s batteries while in use, providing virtually endless battery life. Instead of being forced to remove the earbuds to place them in a charger (even if it is a portable charger), the connect wearable Infinity Band - a lightweight necklace-type design with its own battery - allows the user to continue with its activity. Once the earbuds are fully charged, the user can disconnect the Infinity Band and recharge it using any USB port while it continues to use the earbuds in true wireless mode. By the time the earbuds are low again, the Infinity Band is fully charged and ready to reconnect.

The design also addresses the ergonomic fit, by allowing the ELWN Fit Truly Wireless earbuds to be tailored to specific activities and users’ preferences with 48 different tips, over hooks and fitting accessories included in the package. With these accessories, the ELWN Earbuds allow for 180 different fit options, guaranteeing a secure, customizable fit, even for those users that often suffer because both of their ears are not the same size or shape.

Adam Kaslikowski, one of the company’s founders adds: “True wireless is such a great new technology, but the fear of losing an earbud keeps a lot of people like myself from buying them. With our Perfect Fit system, we know you will be able to create a snug and comfortable fit that won’t go anywhere as you enjoy your favorite activities.”

The ELWN Fit Truly Wireless earbuds use 6mm micro dynamic drivers in water resistant shells with SoX Touch Coating, containing a Bluetooth 4.x with aptX chip and Lithium Polymer battery, which the company specifies for up to 3 hours of standard use, recharging in about 30 minutes. The Infinity Band battery adds an extra 3.5 hours and 120 hours in standby. The earbuds connect to the Infinity Band via Micro USB connectors. In the current design, the right earbud, which connects to the phone and has the built-in microphone, can be used without the left earbud. The left earbud cannot be used by itself because it connects directly to the right earbud.

ELWN is a Salt Lake City entity created by two former Apple engineers collaborating with a top USA based design and marketing firm. ELWN’s corporate headquarters and design center is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The warehouse and shipping facility is centered in Mesa, Arizona. ELWN’s manufacturing facility is located in Guangzhou, China.

ELWN recently launched the Fit Truly Wireless earbuds on Kickstarter and the campaign reached its $50,000 goal in the first days. The company says they have already completed the design, the testing and the tooling, and are ready to begin mass production immediately following the campaign.
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